• Deb

    I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming movie for a LONG time! Jim Caviezel is such a great actor and more importantly, a GREAT man.

  • martina martini

    Dear Jim Caviezel,
    Sorry to hear about the death of your father-in-law from Lou Gehrig’s disease last year. It’s a terrible disease that paralyzes you SLOWLY but your brain remains alert and untouched. Like being imprisoned in a corpse!! Bobby Jones, the golfer, whose life you portrayed in the film Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius also contracted it. Strangely, it affects an unusually high number of professional sportsmen after their careers have finished. An unusually high amount of Italian footballers get it, the most recent case being Stefano Borgonovo. Here in Italy it’s known as SLA. Scientists are doing research on a connection between chemicals used at work and ‘doping’ in the world of sport and the disease.

  • John


    How do you know about Jim’s father in law? Do you know the Caviezel family personally? Also, Jim is Irish not Italian.

  • Fran

    I really loved Jim in the movie, Frequency, with Dennis Quaid myself!! 😀

  • Victoria

    Jim is half Irish by mother, Swiss by father , and his wife Kerri , her parents are from Croatia.

  • John


    That wasn’t my question, I was asking Martina how does she personally know the Caviezel/Browitt family because she knows the exact cause of Kerri’s fathers death. I wasn’t asking about Jim’s heritage, she was talking about Italy out of nowhere.

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