• Roy Fuller

    You link to the Mohler comment above goes to the article about the Wiccan in Alabama.

  • Yonat Shimron

    Fixed. Thank you.

  • Jon

    ….in other news, the committee on where to site the moon was formed, and included a Romulan (so the committee has the needed phase teleportation technology), along with an Arcturian, a Vegan (who’ll eat anything) and a Sirian (who proceeded to explain she has nothing to do with Assad, in fact, and has never met her or him). They viewed a number of sites for the siting of the moon, and voted to delay the siting until the sighting for Ramadan was complete.

  • Jon

    Thanks for fixing that. I was going to issue a citation over it – citing the siting meant to be sighting, but thought better of it.

    Seriously though – great column, thanks for the updates, and I’ve enjoyed reading it.

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