• dad

    Great post!

    How many times have you heard me ask my mealtime interrogators, “Do you really want to know what happens if I eat it..?” This of course after having already said, “I’d rather not– we’re eating.”

    Such fun!

    But the good thing about the silly fad dieters,especially the celebrity variety, is that gluten intolerance is now pretty much mainstream. There are more (and better) products than I’d ever imagined before, and now most people have at least some idea of what I’m talking about when I inquire about menus, etc.

    Latin American (and most Asian) cuisine is sheer delight, in large part because I can choose from just about anything offered without questioning it. It’s wonderful to be able to blend in with everyone else and eat with joy.

    And that’s the thing: Being truly stuck on a restricted diet, I’d rather not even think about it, much less talk about it.

    Faddists who blather on about their diets have always struck me as having either too much money, too much free time, not enough real problems, or some combination thereof.

  • Larry

    The great thing about most Asian cuisines are you can eat healthy (vegetarian, gluten free, organic…) without the food tasting like processed effluence. What passes for “health food” these days in a lot of places is godawful stuff pretending to be sustenance.

    If you are a vegetarian, eat lots of southern Indian food or Asian “Buddhist fare”. Can’t have gluten, depend more on rice or root veggies (like taro).

    Blood sugar issues? Take a gander at trafitional Chinese dishes with “bitter melon”.

    Other than the usual fried stuff every culture has, you can usually never go wrong by going with a lot of traditional ethnic (non European fare)