Lobby Hobby * Meriam’s saga * Mormon purge?: June’s Religious Freedom Recap

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SCOTUS decides whether Hobby Lobby’s favorite hobby (lobbying) paid off. Sudan’s Meriam Ibrahim is yanked around on death row for being Christian. And the Mormon Church excommunicates women’s ordination advocate Kate Kelly on apostasy charges. All this and much more in June's RF recap.

  • Dan

    I’m a little confused at why RNS give so much space to religious people that are doing it wrong and I have a hard time finding information about religious people that get it and represent their faith well every day. Shouldn’t we be shouting from the mountain tops stories about a just and merciful God instead of giving time to followers that seem to stumble? Which is more encouraging??

  • larry

    You should be happy that people abusing authority and engaging in bad behavior in the name of their faith is not so pervasive that it is still considered news. 🙂

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  • hal

    I think you need a better understanding of what censorship is and is not. Nobody is telling anyone that he/she cannot advocate for ordaining women or for homosexual issues. However nobody should expect to advocate publicly against what a church believes and remain a member of that church. Would you expect Ford to continue to employ an employee who publicly advocated against people buying Fords? Would you expect the NAACP to keep as a member in good standing someone who publicly advocates for the return of Jim Crow laws? If not, why would any church be expected to keep as members people who advocate publicly against the church doctrine?

    Those people are quite free to advocate whatever they want. They are not free to claim good standing in the church while doing so.

  • Debbie Snowcroft

    Kate Kelly is a good person, and RNS gave her a lot of coverage. It’s just that there are a lot of *bad* religious people (the Mormon leadership) in the story, too. But focus on Kate — she’s an inspiration to us all.

  • Debbie Snowcroft

    hal wrote: “nobody should expect to advocate publicly against what a church believes and remain a member of that church..”

    Why not?

    This is the problem with Mormonism — it doesn’t tolerate “dissent.” Mormonism is, effectively, a leadership cult, where obedience to the leadership is more important (literally) than anything else.

    And that’s why Mormonism is a cult, and not a true religion at all.

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