• Lles Nats

    Amazing how you can make light of a woman who publicizes her sexualty as a matter of business for going to church, then turn around a also make light of how conservatives won’t like institutional acceptance of homosexual marriage.

    I realize you dont actually stand for anything specific or thoughtful, just serve as a wordsmith working through a personal filter of pop american culture.

  • Brian Pellot

    Kim is the plastic one. No not that plastic one, the other one. Nope, the one to her left. Yep, that’s her.

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  • Perry

    Regarding the Yankees story not being religious, I beg to differ. Professional sports is religion-related, with its FANatics and zealots, traditions and rituals. My dad’s religion is hockey.

  • Rich

    It’s simple. The ratings are falling – the Kardashians are going to church.