Does accommodating immorality make you angry? What if God does it?

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Band-Aid Brand bandage. Photo courtesy Svetlana Miljkovic via Wikimedia Commons.

Band-Aid Brand bandage. Photo courtesy Svetlana Miljkovic via Wikimedia Commons.

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I do believe that how we seek to do justice matters as much as the justice we seek, but believe it is messy world, and the Perfect is too often held up as the enemy of the Good Enough or even the Less Bad.

  • Frank

    Women and children die by the millions because of irresponsibility, not for lack of birth control.

  • Rachel Marie Stone

    Would you care to show some data to back up that assertion?

  • Larry

    So you want born women and children to die unnecessarily in order to preserve the 9 month life of a fetus. Not very sane, but typical fundamentalist bullcrap.

  • Jane Dunn

    Thanks, Rachel! Great article!

    I live in South Florida and after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we needed all the Red Cross and FEMA help we could get. Later, we addressed the building codes that allowed so many houses to not be storm-worthy. No one suggests that the Red Cross should not respond to what might have been preventable tragedies. They don’t ask the family whose home burned down whether it was some random arsonist or whether Mom or Dad was smoking in bed. These questions of culpability and systemic problems only seem to be asked when women’s lives are at stake.

  • Great points Rachel. An absolutist reading of the Bible that tries to turn it into a blueprint for all time inevitably breaks down.

    If you want to open up another can of worms, you could ask the same question about marriage as related to folks like Abraham and David. God had no problem making covenants with two men who had multiple wives and had, according to today’s categories, raped women, one a servant girl forced into marriage and the other a woman from the city brought to the king whether she wanted him or not. Just food for thought!

  • Frank

    Except in the case of rape, people choose their behavior and their actions and are responsible for them. If they cannot afford or don’t want a child they don’t have to engage in known activities that produce children. So if people are dying because of peoples choices its their own irresponsibility that caused them.

  • Rachel Marie Stone

    Oh yes indeed. Excellent points, Ed!

  • Thager

    Frank, Frank, your privilege is showing. Do you not know how many millions of women live in situations today similar to those of the OT, where they have NO say in what happens to their bodies. Child brides are not being irresponsible. Women who are taught they MUST submit in all things to their husbands, including sex, are not irresponsible. Women whose husbands have sex with multiple partners then refuse to wear a condom because it’s not manly and it’s not a woman’s place to question his authority are not irresponsible. Please try to see past your male, western privilege and have some compassion

  • Rachel Marie Stone

    So right on, Thager. Thank you.

  • Frank

    Certainly there are cultural differences around the world. Some of them are not palatable to others.

  • Frank

    Yes when one ignorantly reads the bible you can almost justify anything. That in no way changes the timeless truths and natural order.

  • Tom

    Except in the case of rare combinations of mental illness coupled with glandular conditions, people choose their behavior and their actions and are responsible for them. If they cannot afford the extra medical care their obesity and lack of exercise requires they don’t have to engage in known activities that produce obesity and lack of fitness. So if people are dying because of their choices it’s their own irresponsibility that caused it.

    Just wanted to see how that works. Especially since I’ve been paying for so many other people’s poor choices for many years.

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