COMMENTARY: Christians worship a child who fled violence in his home country

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The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, President of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church. Photo courtesy of Mort Tucker Photography

The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, President of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church. Photo courtesy of Mort Tucker Photography

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(RNS) The baby Jesus survived Herod’s massacre because his parents took him across a border to a land where he was safe.

  • Susan Russell

    Every time I think I can’t be more grateful to be an Episcopalian something like this pops up. Brava, Madame President!

  • Karen Bro

    This is brilliant reasoning. Way to stop people in their tracks, mouths agape, fingers ready to point.

  • samuel Johnston

    Why not take the 52,000 into your home, and Church, and community. While you are at it, make arrangements to deal with the next hundred thousand child refugees, which will surely arrive as soon as word gets out.
    This sort of mindless gushing helps no one, and is, at the least, irresponsible.

  • Wayne Kempton

    In 2007 the Episcopal Diocese of New York passed this resolution at its annual convention :
    [8] Resolved, That the Episcopal Diocese of New York , acknowledge that the large-scale immigration of workers and their families to the United States is a complex historical, global and economic phenomenon that has many causes and does not lend itself to simplistic or purely reactive public policy solutions.
    That we stand together in our faith that everyone, regardless of national origin, has basic common rights, including but not limited to: 1) livelihood; 2) family unity; and 3) physical and emotional safety. We witness the violation of these rights under current immigration policy, particularly in the separation of children from their parents due to unjust deportations, and in the exploitation of immigrant workers. We are deeply grieved by the violence done to families through immigration raids. We cannot in good conscience ignore such suffering and injustice.
    [9] Resolved, That we in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, commit ourselves to:
    1. Support the New Sanctuary Movement and;
    2. Promote the New Sanctuary Movement within our Denomination, congregations and among our other allies.

    I wholeheartedly suggest that all Episcopal Churches around the country shelter these children and refuse to turn them over to deportation authorities.

  • Deacon Pat

    Mr. Johnston, the majority of the children have a contact in the US who will act as their guardian when they can get safely to them. As for the others, who do not have someone in the USA, well, I’ll be happy to foster one of them until it is safe for them to return to their homeland. Will you join me in doing the same?

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  • Frank

    Jesus’ path was designed and guided by The Father. Comparing this social and political issue with Jesus’ life path provides no meaning to it. Terrible application of theology. No wonder the Episcopal church is in its death throws.

  • samuel Johnston

    Wow Frank! I never thought you and I would agree, but …..
    “Comparing this social and political issue with Jesus’ life path provides no meaning to it. Terrible application of theology. ”
    “They turned away Jesus too, …yea, but you’re not him.” (Bob Dylan)

  • samuel Johnston

    One small correction. “Terrible application of theology” should read:
    Terrible application of mythology.

  • J. Kaschak

    I’d foster a child and a parent.

  • samuel Johnston

    Deacon Pat,
    My life has been a bit odd- to say the least. At the age of five, I, and my three siblings, were sent to an orphanage. Though it was Sixty five years ago, I recall the year more clearly then any other. Much later, (age twenty two) I was employed as a “child care officer” (jailer) at the local juvenile Court (detention center). I saw first hand what “custody” meant to these unfortunates.
    Later i life (age 32 on) I practiced law independently (read poorly paid). I was often appointed Guardian Ad Litem (temporary legal guardian) for minors and mentally impaired persons. Basically, we saw the failures of various polices and programs.
    To answer you question directly, I would be happy to foster a needy child. But that does not make creating more needy children good policy. I do not know what “a contact” means, nor do I know the long range implications of such a policy. Naive folks overvalue good intentions. My experience councils caution.

  • Lynnaea

    —So Samuel, does this mean you won’t help a child because they might tell their friends where the food is?
    btw, a “contact” means they know someone in the US that can act as a guardian.

  • samuel Johnston

    You don’t “get it” do you Lynnaea? You have indicated no experience that you bring to the subject, and simply assume that words are deeds.
    I will try capital letters. GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR GOOD RESULTS. The best guide to likely results is experience.
    Show me the precedent for absorbing 52,000 alien children, plus the likely follow up influx. I await your evidence.

  • Larry M

    No offense but this article was primarily directed to Christians.

  • Larry M

    I agree with others about the beautiful creative application of such an old and well-worn passage of Scripture. Thank you so much for this.

  • Larry M

    Say what? That’s a total nonsequiter dude.

  • Michael Box

    This is not as you say “mindless gushing” this is the Gospel. We have been mindful and taken in others in the past. The current Congress is responsible for the current situation at the border because they are not being mindful. Now we need to look beyond the border to the crisis that compels children to become refugees. When governments fail to protect their citizens and allow gangs to run amok killing, raping, and terrorizing the people of those nations, we have a duty to stabilize those regimes. We have acted successfully in doing so before, But that was before we had an obstructionist do-nothing Congress intent on exacerbating problems, so they could blame the President. Get real, there is nothing Christian about being hateful to these kids. If you want more terrorists to terrorize you grandchildren then please keep being hateful and send these frightened children back to their home countries to be raped, assaulted, and terrorized. Your grandchildren will reap the fury you are planting by your mindless behavior now.

  • The Great God Pan

    “…I would be happy to foster a needy child. But that does not make creating more needy children good policy.”

    I am glad to hear that you support contraception and abortion.

  • Tom Martin

    There must be a limit to freedom or civilized society cannot exist. I find this analogy wanting, but if God wants all these illegal aliens to be in the United States then I suppose God will provide away just as he did with Christ. If this was fiction it would be okay, but it is reality. If your church and you cannot provide for their needs then do not try to push the unrealistic reality off on us. I love children as much as you, but I also love American children and do not want to deprive them of the education they earned. If you want to come to the United States come LEGALLY!

  • Tom Martin

    I CANNOT AFFORD ANY MORE TAXES FOR WELFARE FOR ILLEGALS. I AM HAVING A HARD TIME PAYING TAXES FOR MY FELLOW AMERICANS THAT NEED IT. If you can take in one then do so. I am 73 years old trying to live on a meager pension and my own government cannot provide me the service I earned as a legal citizen and veteran. Can you take me in??

  • Tom Martin

    I am a Christian and I am offended to be ask to do something I know I cannot do and then have someone try to make me feel guilty for not doing it.

  • Tom Martin

    I blame the President more than Congress. You cannot have a President that ignores the law of land and them try to pass the buck to Congress.

  • Carl Buckalew

    Amen brother.

  • Michelle

    They are coming legally.

  • James

    Gay refers to the “massacre of the innocents”- Matthew 2:16. I dont imagine that God wanted all of those hundreds of infants/toddlers killed. Yet, they were killed anyway, by Herod, who was seeking to preserve his power.

    I dont think that as Christians (which Im assuming you are; I apologize if Im wrong) it is our obligation to stand up for the civil state. Lets leave that to the millions of politicians and secularists of the country. I believe it is OUR job to stand up for the least of these, that the kingdom of God might be realized here on earth.

  • samuel Johnston

    @Larry M,
    And you sir, are a rude, crude, dude.
    To defend my mythology remark, I merely point out that the Christmas Bible story referred to in the earlier article is certainly not a factual account, and this is well understood in the Seminary community. It is merely impolitic for the Clergy to bother the laity with such scholarly information.

  • Wiley

    A very weak analogy, designed to do one thing. I already feel for the children who have been swept up in this game of political wills. Attempting to connect them to the Jesus story falls flat on so many levels. The Gospel writer was clearly trying to connect with his Jewish audience with the symbolism of Moses. There is nothing symbolic in this case, just human tragedy. Our Church is becoming very adept at writing sappy columns, making meaningless demonstrations while actually doing nothing.

  • terri

    Well when all of you who think this is a great thing start taking in all of these children, their soon to arrive families – if they aren’t already here illegally, WITHOUT ANY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FROM THE CITY, COUNTY, STATE, OR FEDERAL GOBERNMENT, then fine. Take them in. But do not ask the rest of the country to pay for your desire to ruin this country anymore than it has been these last six years.

    And exactly which border said Jesus cross in the same manner as these kids? Oh, and with so many American children waiting to be adopted, you take your rear end to another country and adopt. No wonder your care for American children is nonexistent!

  • Doc Anthony

    And speaking of Presidents….why is that half-baked President Obama being given a free pass on this tragic immigration mess by you liberals?

    Obama bought Latino votes with easy promises of “immigration reform” and making things easier for those who seek to cross over. Obama got what HE wanted, but now those Latino children have nowhere to go except DEAD!!

    Cmon people. Don’t submit articles to RNS talking about compassion and mercy for the immigration children, while allowing your liberal President to enjoy his Free Pass on the whole mess. Start calling for Obama to fulfill his fake promises and help out those poor children, or else start calling for IMPEACHMENT!!!!

  • Doc Anthony

    Did your mother abort you? Or did she choose life for you?

  • Doc Anthony

    Sorry, but Obama bought Latino votes by making those easy “immigration reform” promises. Talking like he would be all nicer and better to the Latinos instead of the mean and nasty Republicans. Bought their votes and smiled in their faces.

    So where is that lying bum closet-atheist liberal Obama right NOW, when those poor immigrant children are in heavy trouble? And why is Obama being given a FREE PASS on this ongoing tragedy by the libbies???

  • Doc Anthony

    We can sort out the “ologies” later.

    First let’s IMPEACH that stupid bonehead liar of a president (who keeps making selfies with women who are NOT his wife !!!!), UNLESS the bum fulfills his fake campaign promises about “immigration reform” that he made to buy off the Latino votes, and finds some way to help out those poor Latino immigrant children!!

  • Frank

    Remember we live in a country where the majority support the choice to kill over 27k innocent unborn children per week mostly for reasons of convenience and comfort. Their call for caring for children fall flat.

  • Adam

    American children earned it? Seriously? So American children weren’t just lucky they were born into this country? It’s a mentality like this of Tom Martin’s that pervades too often in America which scares me: “If it’s going to happen then God will provide a way, but I choose to do nothing.” No, you don’t love children as much as the author does because she has a realistic compassion for HUMANS. You care nothing more than to have an “us vs. them” mentality when humans are all in this together. You lack the ability to think about what you would do in this situation if these were your children or family members. You probably think this is a “Christian” nation too. A Christian nation that promotes violence in war, debt (slavery) and sex in our media. “God will provide a way…as long as he doesn’t use me or my local community, its fine.” This is a mentality the Jewish Sanhedrin would take (those religious righteous individuals) when Christ would have created a non-profit, recruited resources and saved children.

  • Adam

    Stop saying “you liberals.” Liberals and conservatives are both necessary but we need both sides to be willing to compromise. We need less sides and more togetherness to make decisions that benefit us all. I come from a conservative family, one in which they are not willing to recognize the flaws in their political ideology just like that which exists in liberals. Check that speck in your own eye. On a side note, Obama has committed acts that would have already impeached past presidents, but we can’t seem to get him out of office. Probably because it would be politically incorrect to impeach a president who claims to be black and who really is not. Another problem with today.

  • Kristin

    I have no problem with immigrants, I do however have a problem with all the money we give these countries “Billions” to help their own people, and obviously the money is not spent to take care of the “people” it is gone to take care of those who want to stay rich and line their own pockets. There needs to be some accountability.

  • Ignatz

    If a child fleeing violence comes to you for help, he’s Jesus.

    If you refuse Him, stop calling yourself a Christian.

  • Springsky

    He’s done nothing impeachable!! The Right loves grandstanding and pandering to their base with lies and pretend igdignation and uber-conservative rhetoric. If they are unhappy about any of his executive orders, they have the option to veto. Instead, they want to SUE; nothing more than a wish to garner the spotlight. They’ve had ample time to do something about immigration. Bush was governor for 8 years, then president for 8 , and did nothing!! Stop your whinning, these are children seeking refuge. Stop saying we are a Democracy and that you are pro-life and Christian, if you’re not going to act like it. Walk your talk!!and stop being hypocrites!! This has nothing to do with Obama.

  • Springsky

    Illegals don’t get welfare, unlike Corporations! Talk to your politicians who keep cutting benefits for veterans, along with everyone else!

  • cander6

    Exactly how did American children “earn” an education? I think you meant to say they were “lucky” enough to be born into a country, which provides education. The parents of the children on the busses, love their children enough to send them away from violence and cruelty. Bless those parents and their broken hearts for protecting their children’ Bless the U.S. citizens, who understand that love and caring trumps hate and bigotry, every time!

  • cander6

    Well said Springsky!

  • cander6

    Can you imagine how much better off you’d be, if the richest among us actually paid their fair of taxes? Qui blaming the poor and those in need for your suffering…they are suffering, too.

  • Michele Allen

    You can argue about the appropriateness of this story of Jesus being used in this way all you want. Question that though you will, what you can’t deny is that we are commanded, in so many verses throughout the Bible, to care for the stranger, the widow, the orphan.
    That being said, these children are seeking asylum as refugees. They are entitled, by law, to a hearing,to ascertain their situation. If they don’t meet the standards for refugee status, they may then be deported. I was happy to see that the state of California has a group heading down to Central America on a fact-finding mission to see what is going on. Is it really so bad that children are fleeing/being sent away for their health and safety’s sake? I think we need to learn a lot more about this before we judge.
    While we wait for some answers, these children deserve our compassion, not our contempt.

  • cander6

    For those claiming to be Christians, while attempting to deny these children help: “When a foreigner lives with you in your land, you must regard the foreigner who lives with you as the native-born among you. You are to love him as yourself, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt I am the LORD your God”. Leviticus 19:33-34

  • Gay Clark Jennings isn’t standing up for the “least of these”. She’s enabling some of the most powerful people in the U.S.: major corporations like WalMart, McDonalds, USChamber members, etc. that want more cheap labor. She’s on the side of Tyson Foods, not Tyson Foods workers.

    Even worse, Gay Clark Jennings is in effect encouraging kids to cross the desert, with some of them dying along the way.

    Instead of discouraging kids from crossing the very dangerous desert, Gay Clark Jennings figuratively stands on the U.S. side urging kids to cross. She’s engaging in false compassion and she had blood on her hands.

  • cander6

    Please re-read your Bible. Jesus did NOT teach bigotry, hatred, contempt, greed, nor arrogance!

  • cander6

    Reap what you sew. Should you or yours ever need help, you will be begging for compassion from the very people you are currently critizing for their humanitarian efforts.

  • samuel Johnston

    Good summary Michele, and good advice.
    The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings is out of her depth. The parable of the Good Samaritan (which requires no belief) should suffice as personal moral guidance. Public policy is a matter for the civil government.

  • Standing and clapping. YES to this. Amen.

  • JoeNCA

    Actually the president is following the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, signed by Republican President George W. Bush on December 23, 2008. It is not illegal for refugees to escape violence to the United States, and once here, President Obama is required by law to resettle them with 24 hours.

    If Republicans wish to change the law, they can work with the president to do so, but until then, the President is simply obeying it. That’s his job, and he’s doing it.

  • James

    No, they are not coming legally.

  • JoeNCA

    “This sort of mindless gushing helps no one, and is, at the least, irresponsible.”

    Yeah, sending children back into a violent situation is a totally responsible thing to do.

  • JoeNCA

    “I was a stranger and you let me in.” – Jesus Christ

  • JoeNCA

    “Well, I rapped upon a house
    With the U.S. flag upon display
    I said, ‘Could you help me out
    I got some friends down the way’
    The man says, ‘Get out of here
    I’ll tear you limb from limb’
    I said, ‘You know they refused Jesus, too’
    He said, ‘You’re not Him
    Get out of here before I break your bones
    I ain’t your pop’
    I decided to have him arrested
    And I went looking for a cop.” – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream

  • James

    I don’t know what state you are in but I know for a fact that illegals do collect welfare and alot of times multiple checks as they use multiple names
    It’s a big controversy here between the welfare checks, EBT cards and living in public housing.

  • Brian Rakita

    ” If this was fiction it would be okay”

    You mean like the story of Christ?

  • upperwoods

    I think that it was this half-baked president who is responsible for the existing free pass….
    George W. Bush signed the law into effect on December 23, 2008
    The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act
    Mandates illegal alien children be transferred to the office of refugee resettlement within 24 hours of setting foot on U.S. soil
    as soon as reasonably possible.

    kind of sounds like our President is following the law.
    but perhaps you’er too half baked to get past your talking point knowledge to accept the truth…

  • Rev. Susan Wallace Moriarty

    Tom Martin,

    The sense of entitlement you show is exactly the problem when dealing with this situation. It is by God’s grace that we were born into families in the United States. We did NOTHING to earn that. It was God’s grace. Scripture reminds us that “To Whom much is given, much will be expected.”

    We do have laws to allow refugees who are fleeing their countries for safety purposes. This is not the usual “illegal Alien” situation. We are the wealthiest country in the world. The fact that we also do not take care of our own is disgusting, but it isn’t these childrens’ fault that we have billionaires who seem to think they need more, and don’t follow the laws of this country, or of God in terms of being compassionate and not storing up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy. It is embarrassing the lack of compassion and pure hatred being expressed to these children. You didn’t EARN anything. Your children didn’t EARN anything. They were recipients of God’s grace, and as a people of faith we are to be grateful and trust God for the provisions. We are to extend the same grace we have received to those in need.

  • James

    I think Gay’s priority, here, is to draw attention to the recently publicized stories of thousands of children who flee their countries due to widespread violence, and the current political will to send them back where they came from.

  • This is the same sort of political opportunism, leveraging a human tragedy in a fallen world to advance a political agenda, that we see every time there is a well publicized shooting being used to promote gun control (note the less well publicized and far more shootings happen where there are already draconian gun laws, sadly are less useful to the agenda driven crowd and don’t warrant much attention).

    This is a human tragedy. It is also a complex issue. There are no easy answers here especially from a secular geo-political standpoint. It is certainly NOT the same thing as Joseph and Mary fleeing with Christ at the direction of an angel to avoid a direct threat to His life and to fulfill prophecy. I would assume that someone who styles herself with the rather grandiose titles of “reverend” and “president of the Episcopal Church’s lay and clergy House of Deputies” would have hopefully cracked open a Bible once or twice and would know better. Apparently not.

    If the goal here is echo chamber approval, sad nods from “progressives” who airily talk about “privilege” , then some of the comments indicate mission accomplished. But trying to have a conversation about a realistic, compassionate response to this issue is impossible with the holier than thou eisegetical treatment of the account of Jesus being taken to Egypt.

  • James Briggs

    The point is there is plenty of money but the church allowed the rich to rob the Middle Class. Now the church with demand that the Middle Class will pay for the children and continue to take money from the rich.

  • James Briggs

    The point is there is plenty of money for the children but the rich have it. They have because the church allowed the rich to rob the Middle Class. Now the church will demand that the Middle Class pay for the children while it continues to take money from the rich.

  • Dave

    Hey Doc, the Democratic-led Senate has passed immigration reform as the President promised. It is the gop-“led” House that refuses to even bring the issue to a vote. Rev. Jennings offers wise counsel and actual Christian faith counsel rather than the bologna dished out on the right. Let those who have ears hear.

  • Dave

    Yeah, Tom, just like Jesus had to have felt in the garden when he said, “Take this cup from me” and stormed out all agitated and indignant that he’d be asked to model God’s love by giving of himself. He couldn’t do that! And he dang sure wasn’t going to be made to feel guilty about it! No siree,he’d be a good Christian just like you…

  • samuel Johnston

    Hello Doc,
    “Did your mother abort you? Or did she choose life for you?”
    Actually, my mother chose for me to be an evangelical Christian minister.
    She lived in fear her whole life. Her God was an angry father who punished his wayward children. If I had been required to live as a penitent for her (our) sins, then I certainly would have chosen abortion.

  • Joe Doherty

    The analogy is flawed. Yes, we all feel sorry for these children. But, Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. Thus, while we may help some, there is always going to be hunger and poverty in the world. I have to wonder how long our country can sustain itself. We cannot be the stopping point for every desperate person. There are finite resources here. Since when does a starving person from another country have priority over a starving person here. Just because a small child looks more sympathetic, they are no more in need than a homeless man in Chicago. These immigrants are sucking the life out of local communities. The root of the problem is in putting pressure on their home countries to care for their people. We cannot save the world, not even a fraction of it, alone.

  • samuel Johnston

    Good lines as far as you quoted. “Without freedom of speech i”d be dead in the swamp!”

  • Carlon Ross

    Have you bone head liberals stoped to think where these children would be if their fathers and mothers hadn’t left them and come to America to take our jobs. They countries need them there.

  • Concerned

    As Christians we are called to action, and to have faith that God will provide. Perhaps you don’t have the means to act now, but part of my core faith is that God will provide. I am of limited means, also…but I believe with all my heart that if I were to take one of these children in, God would provide a way for me to make it work.

  • Loki

    When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, it was a condemnation of the Jewish people. God said if you followed his rules, there would be no poor, Jesus saying there will always be poor is Jesus saying the followers of God have failed him. The fact that the poor exist is evidence that we are still selfish failures.

    This entire post is exactly what Jesus was lashing out against.

  • Eris

    In fact, they are. They are not attempting to cross the border and hide, they are walking right up to border patrol and turning themselves in and requesting asylum. There is nothing illegal about requesting asylum.

  • Larry

    A lot ofmtimes we are talking children. People who did not have a choice to come here. People who cannot be considered legally responsible for violations of criminal & administrative law.

    Frankly I would be surprised if any of the people who used a “law and order” argument were even vaguely aware of how our immigration system really works or its laws. Most arguments are just warmed over hostility and bad analogy.

    IMO the penalty for illegal staying is too draconian to work. It is not proportionate to the offense, so it creates an underground system which is self perpetuating. Perfect for people who exploit illegals for cheap labor and a ready made enemy to vilify during elections.

    My suggestion? A stiff fine. If they pay, they stay. This way they are showing the nation that we are talking about productive people who have and can contribute the nation. Reduce the illegal population to manageable levels who represent only the worst. We keep the laborers and go after the Tony Montanas and typhoid Marys.

  • Larry

    It’s not like the US has a history of sending refugees back to their deaths..cough..cough..USS St. Louis.. cough..cough

  • Larry

    And resetting refugees in the US has been part of the immigration alaws since 1964. Republicans are just playing bigotry politics with a side order of ignorance.

  • samuel Johnston

    Hi Author,
    Very well put. Eisegesis has now been added to my vocabulary. Thank you.

  • Larry

    James you are full of crap. Illegals cannot collect welfare legally. Benefit fraud is not the sole province of illegal aliens. It is widespread among the entire American population.

    born US citizen children of illegal aliens get benefits. Attempts to deny them rights borders on the dangerously stupid. (like trashing the 14th amendment and everything which actually works in our immigration system)

  • Larry

    The fact that most of you can’t tell the difference between refugees and illegal aliens under our laws impedes almost any attempt at rational sane discussion.

  • Barbara

    I do not worship a child who fled violence. I worship a risen Savior, the Son of God, who had violence done unto Him.

  • Larry

    Do you ever think its ironic to attack caring for foreign born children yet you want to encourage Americans to pop out a kid a minute by trying to limit family planning options.

    Oh wait, you don’t give a crap about them either. Always calling for cuts to the ability to care for them. I guess conservatives only care about about others when they are rich or gestating.

    Btw Carlton, if your job is in danger of being taken by an illegal alien, you are an uneducated, unskilled nabob. Someone who probably is collecting welfare anyway while illegal aliens do the work you would never touch.

  • Kelly

    Amen! Jesus absolutely did NOT preach bigotry and hatred! The people in those buses, children and some mothers spoke not a word of English, bit they certainly didn’t miss the hate that was being shouted at them! Faux Christians practicing faux faith!

  • Shawnie5

    Well for once I have to agree with you. Not that I disagree with Rev. Jennings, but if calls for Christian morality supposedly have no place in government then one would assume that neither do appeals to Christian charity. Yet so-called progressives never seem to be averse to bringing the Bible into the public square if it might open someone’s wallet.

  • Kelly

    Many of you have spoken of the use of this “mythology”! Well, I’ve studied many mythologies, some more fantastically penned than others. Some are loving myths, meaning they are in some fashion still practiced somewhere. Others are long dead and forgotten except by scholars and those wise enough to see the didactic nature of them! Whether you are a believer or not, you are missing the didactic nature of the story… That those with power will sacrifice even the young to maintain power, lesson 1. Lesson 2, that politics and compassion cannot be inseparable witnesses to need, the need of our own and the need of those who seek refuge from harm and death! I find it terribly troubling that those of you blaming Obama and siding with the absolutely worthless GOP (the self proclaimed moral majority) are so heartless and inhuman! I may not be a believer in the Christian view of this story, but I can still take away the cruelty of Herod and the selflessness of helping those in need no matter! When help is needed, it is JUST the RIGHT thing to do…give it! Then work on the problem!

  • Rennie

    These children are refugees. And 50,000 children in a country of 320 million is a drop in the bucket. Sir you have no heart. We are our brothers keeper. Especially since we are partially to blame for this mess.

  • Rennie

    If you can’t help you are excused.

  • Tom Martin

    The violence is less now than it was in years past. There is no proof they are fleeing violence. Fleeing violence what about the children in Chicago. What is Obama and the churches doing about those children. PRIORITIES! Just because some of us CHRISTIAN do not agree with you does not make us to be not CHRISITAN.

  • Tom Martin

    I know I own nothing I only manage what was given me by God and He owns it. I know God has blessed me abundantly and I thank God every day. May I ask a question why has God blessed me and not them? What about the people in other parts of the world that are victims of violence do we take them in illegally to? There is no proof that these people are escaping any violence worst than in Chicago. Violence has gone down in the past few years in those countries. There comes a point when people want a change in their living conditions they must fight in their own country to obtain it. Freedom and prosperity did not come to the U.S. without a fight. God expects us to take action while we pray and I do not see them taking the action needed to change their own government. You know nothing about me – sense of entitlement – I provide Christmas for 50 poor families in Davao Philippines every year, I have sent 16 poor students to four years of college, I have buried 11 poor people that their families could not bury, I have paid hospital bills purchase medicine and the list goes on. My trust fund is nearly exhausted. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PERSONALLY OUTSIDE YOUR NON-TAX ORGANIZATIONS? Perhaps that is a reason I do not have funds to provide to people that break the law. It is not the children crossing our boarder illegally fault that our Christian ministers drive expensive cars, have tailored made clothes, rings that would choke a cow and live in million dollar homes why don’t you hit them up for cash. Why does a church need bowling alleys, theater style production equipment, etc. when children are hungry in our own country and starving in the world. Sweep around your own industry before you begin sweeping around me.

  • Tom Martin

    Knowing someone means a lot of things. Knowing someone here illegally and on welfare assistance and cannot financially help you.

  • Tom Martin

    Who are you kidding illegals do not get welfare. You obviously have not been involved in helping the poor. Some CHURCHES even teach illegals how to get welfare. My church in Houston, Texas did.

  • l

    Yeah, that ‘love thy neighbor’ crap gets old… Who thought that up?

  • l

    Your concern for the children of Chicago is touching. I presume you are doing a great deal to help them escape violence in their neighborhoods?

  • l

    But has anyone asked you to personally house one of the children who has recently come across the border seeking asylum? I doubt it.
    I don’t think that’s even a legal option for most Americans.

  • Susan D. Weber

    They are turning themselves in at the border and seeking asylum. They are asking authorities for permission to come to this country. This is what our country was built on– immigrants. If you had any understanding of the conditions these children are fleeing from you would not make such statements. You are not reflecting what christians should be. If you are not willing to give up your coat for someone in need then you are not following the scriptures.

  • The comparison between children venturing northward through the length of Mexico, by the tens of thousands, in order to reach the U.S. and avoid dangerous conditions in their home countries, with Jesus’ family fleeing to Egypt in order to evade “the Massacre of the Innocents,” appears apt, but it conveniently misses the point, and in the process reveals how this is not really a viable solution to the problem.

    Christians may be happy their Jesus avoided being slaughtered in “the Massacre of the Innocents,” but if that story is true, it means a lot of innocent babies in Herod’s kingdom were slaughtered nonetheless. Who was trying to help them out, back then? We have no idea. Who is speaking up for them, now? No one I know of.

    In the same way, that tens of thousands of kids left places like El Salvador and reached the U.S., means that many more must still be there, and in danger. It’s all well and good for Americans to take in those who made the trip, but what about the many more who were left behind? Who’s talking about them? No one I know of.

    What’s more, the trip through Mexico cannot have been easy, even for those who made it to the U.S. How many of them ventured out, but met ill fates on the way? We have no idea. Who’s talking about those kids? No one I know of.

    What does all of this mean? It means the optimal solution is not for Americans to happily take in those who reach our borders, in the name of helping the world’s children. A REAL solution that would REALLY be effective, would involve straightening out conditions in their homelands so those kids don’t have to undertake that journey in order to save themselves. Who’s talking about doing that? No one I know of.

    Put in perspective, opening our borders to all comers in the name of “helping” them, is not ideal in any way. What’s ideal is for people to be safe and have opportunities, wherever it is they happen to live. Who’s talking about that? No one I know of.

  • Leila Haas

    To get asylum statis is actually very difficult. One has to prove that they were being persecuted or had violence done against them for political or religious situations.

  • Michael

    Education they “earned”? How do American children earn anything? Simply because they were lucky enough to be born in the USA? What about the children who have not been so lucky? Do they not get an education, food, clothing, shelter? We need to be a haven for innocent children who’s only fault is that they were born somewhere else. We need to do better.

  • Allen

    We cannot and must not justify a bunch of confusion by quoting Holy Scripture that has only to do with keeping God’s Son safe, to fulfill it.

  • They’re already here. Are you saying they should walk back?

  • No one is saying that those who can’t take a child into their homes should. But we’re a big country, with lots of resources. Lebanon has taken in tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, and they have a population of only four and a half million—less than several of our cities. Fifty-thousand kids is a thousand per state. If we prioritized this crisis higher than defense spending, or tax cuts, it would be easy to address.

    And it takes far less effort to sign a petition or write to your representatives urging them to let these refugees stay than it does to stand in front of a bus full of refugees screaming at them to go home. No one is expected to do any more than they’re able, but with the resources and time they have, they can choose to be either welcoming or hateful.

  • “The violence is less now than it was in years past.” Do you have a source to back that up?

  • I am thankful that American Native Indians did not block the Mayflower or non of us would be here.

  • Sammy Loveday

    I will ponder long your words today as I search the scriptures and pray for wisdom. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Sammy Loveday

    Well spoken.

  • Michael


  • Michael

    But you can do it. Tell these refugees that you are glad that they are here and are safe.

  • samuel Johnston

    Yes Tom,
    Just another example of how lacking in a moral compass, so many are.
    “And Jesus said, let us feed the unexpected five thousand with these loaves and fishes (and send the bill to the government).”

  • Michael

    Laws are made by people. Sometimes the law is right and sometimes the law is wrong. Should we do what we can to make sure that criminals (drug dealers, murders, etc) are not allowed in? Yes. But children who have done nothing wrong should have the opportunity to be able to live safely. The borders of all countries should be open to all those who are not criminals. Doesn’t that make more sense?

  • Laura


    These kids are not illegal aliens, they are asylum seekers. They may or may not be allowed to stay here. They are being sheltered, fed and clothed while awaiting their asylum hearings to determine the truth.

  • Michael

    Take them in as you find them….then because we know their story we can then take steps to help those who are still in that environment. It sounds as though you are saying that we should do nothing to help these children that are on the doorstep. I believe that we ought to help them and I agree with you that we ought to do more to help people in other countries to be safe.

  • Erica Cook

    Is there anything set up to give help to these kids. You know, send blankets, cloths, toys, books… Something to make their stay here a little less difficult? I keep looking around and asking and I never get an answer.

  • ahp

    who are you to say you know their reasons, Frank? Have you ever been there and had to make that dreadful decision? If you bothered to ask any of the thousands of victims of abuse and manipulation (many of them children themselves), you may find that “convenience and comfort” never entered into it.

  • Kevin oconnor

    The words on the Statue of Liberty say send your tired and oppressed etc. it doesn’t say send your jihadists, your terrorists and criminals. Every country in the world has laws prohibiting illegal entry. In the Mideast today if you cross their borders you’re sent to prison. We currently have a US Marine held captive in Mexico. Recently went to court and remains in custody today. Just because he drove over the border by mistake. We have a bigger concern. Terrorists. Spies during WWII came into the US through South America through Mexico into the US. Israel is defending itself today against terrorism. The same group I saying WE are next on their list. I’m all for helping kids, but let’s be smart about it. It’s widely known that the gang MS-13 is recruiting kids at the border. A Muslim prayer blanket was found at the border. Is this not enough proof?

  • Brooke

    Matthew 6:25-27

    “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? 26″Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? 27″And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?”

    I would say that you have little faith in the God you seem to profess.

  • Brooke

    Your name calling shows me that you have hatred in your heart. I don’t understand why you are pushing hatred on a Christian site.

  • Brooke

    Jesus made all sorts of excuses too…. oh wait! It must really bum you out that he chose to feed the 5,000 with loaves of bread and fish instead of just pointing to the sea and telling them to go get their own.

  • Brooke

    Why are you so disdainful?* Is that a Christian directive? I think Jesus said to “love your enemies and do good to those that persecute you” (not that I truly believe you are being persecuted).

    *I am simply amazed that anyone would come to a Christian site and spew hatred. I don’t understand how your attitude about Obama is relevant to Christ at all.

  • Brooke

    And even if it is only allegorical, it is still the tenets of a religion so I don’t understand why you bring it up, unless your only reason for being here is to sow discord.

  • Brooke

    ” Attempting to connect them to the Jesus story falls flat on so many levels.”

    Matthew 25:34-40

    “34Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: 35For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: 36Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. 37Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? 38When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? 39Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? 40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

  • larry

    Then don’t. If the faith based initiative debacle is an indication of anything, it is that entanglement of government and religion is a bad thing. A rational argument os better than hiding behind this manipulative religious nonsense.

    Legally the nation has given itself a duty to take in people who have a genuine and reasonable belief they will suffer tangible harm if deported. Immigration courts have worked out definitions of these things for 40 years.

    If they are shown to be refugees they get permanent residency.

    This is much different from illegal aliens. Most of the arguments against the children are borne of ignorance of the nature of asylum/refugee status.

  • larry

    If you don’t know a damn thing about the laws in question, your argument is dangerously stupid. It means one accepts all authority without question or thinking.

    Being that you are comparing violations of administrative law with criminal laws, it means you really don’t know a thing about immigration laws in question.

    That tells me you are either emphatically ignorant, or you are just throwing up bullcrap to justify hasty minded behavior.

  • larry

    Teaching them how to commit fraud?

    Not likely. Unless you participated with one of those churches, I really doubt you are being honest or telling the entire story here.

    Native born American citizens born to illegal aliens can collect such benefits. If that is the case, you are deliberately misrepresenting facts.

  • Dee

    He also has deportation laws to follow, which he does not. Cant pick and choose which laws he will follow.

  • Fran

    God’s kingdom or heavenly government will soon put an end to all of man’s governments and replace them (Daniel 2:44), bringing real peace and security, along with other extraordinary blessings (Isaiah 11:1-10; Psalm 37:10,11; Revelation 21:1-4) to people of all nations, no matter what race, color or nationality.

    There will finally be complete brotherhood of man on earth without racism, hate or prejudice. Man’s governments don’t have the love and/or power to accomplish this; but God’s kingdom does and will. In that regard, as Christians, we should make our stand for the only righteous, just and wise government, God’s kingdom.

  • Fran

    I do not worship Jesus, the son of God, because as he informed Satan when tested by Satan to bow down and worship him in exchange for all the kingdoms of the world, Jesus said: “Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written: “Thou shalt worship The Lord, thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” (Matthew 4:10)

    All of our worship should therefore go to Almighty God, the Father of Jesus, whose name is Yahweh or Jehovah (Psalms 83:18, King James Version), and not to his son, Jesus.

    In addition, the model prayer Jesus instructed us to say is addressed to our Heavenly Father, not to Jesus (Matthew 6:9-13). However, we should address our prayers to God, in the name of Jesus, since Jesus is our mediator:

    “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 2:5)

  • Dee

    I am just surprised that the Obama administration has not chided these Central American countries for not providing Plan B. I foresee more tales of horror, since the US government is not adequately checking up on the folks that these children are being released to. These abandoned children, (they are not refugees, otherwise those intrepid kids who decide to escape the violence in Chicago for the safety of Peoria would get same status) should be treated in a humanitarian way, but this should not come at the expense of the American taxpayer. Charge their country of origin. Debit whatever aid we give to the country of origin. And secure the border. A secure border will stop this flow.

  • samuel Johnston

    Why are you correcting me? I have not called anyone an “illegal alien”. These children are “aliens” (not U.S. citizens), nor are they persons from other countries with legal papers allowing entry. They are also not adults (meaning they likely have less ability to press their own cases). Whether they are allowed to stay under legal exceptions such as Asylum, political persecution, et al, has yet to be determined, but should be determined on a case by case basis, according to my understanding of current law..
    “Truth” is above my pay grade.
    S.J., Member Al Bar since 1976

  • Todd Rapp

    The issue for me is not that the children need to be cared for because as a follower of Christ we must be compassionate for those in need. The issue for me is what might be truly behind this flow of children. How did they get you our border from Central America anyway? It is a perilous journey of over 1200 miles through large stretches of dessert. Why are we not seeing news footage of the terrible suffering that they must endure to even get to our border. They seem to be showing up out of nowhere. More likely off of busses. It is unfathomable to me that these kids would be used as political pawns or even worse. But I’m afraid that is what is really happening. There is no easy answer here other than “if you love me, feed my children”.

  • Larry

    They don’t apply to asylum seekers and refugees.

    The only thing worse than a knee-jerk “law and order” argument is one made by someone ignorant of the laws in question.

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  • samuel Johnston

    “The borders of all countries should be open to all those who are not criminals.”
    Take a look at the Common Market of Europe if you wish to see this notion adopted. It is not exactly a problem free solution, nor is it very popular with the “locals”. Any immigrant influx must be provided for, and structured, or the result is lots of suffering and dislocations, quickly spiraling down to civil strife. In my lifetime the Hungarian, and Cuban revolutions led to a quick influx of refugees to the U.S. Both were met with public good will and government organization. Lesser refugee migrations were the Cambodians, and the Iranians. These were not met with as much public support, but they were government organized.

  • Barry

    ” I find this analogy wanting, but if God wants all these illegal aliens to be in the United States then I suppose God will provide away just as he did with Christ.”

    ‘I sent the boat three times’.

  • Larry

    The Europeans do immigration wrong. They are a truly bad example.

    Aside from the UK, none of them have a fully formed naturalization policy. They tie cultural national identity to race, religion, and ethnicity. Even refugees and asylum seekers who in the US would be considered permanent residents (with the option of citizenship) are treated little differently from “guest workers”.

    This leads to the next point, the prevalent use of “guest workers” is no substitute for an immigration policy. Its half baked because when people stay in a country long enough, raise families there, have children born in the country, it is insane to expect them to return after a lengthy period of time. It creates a system which is constantly abused by employers to bring in skilled labor at less than market rates and keep them in a form of white collar peonage.

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  • Enedelia Obregon

    It pains me when I see people who consider themselves Christians spit on and yell at these children. There is such vitriol in the behavior of these people – who probably attend church every week and pat themselves on the back about how good they are. I think a big part of it is racism. There is a fear among many white Christians at the changing face of our society. They forget that Jesus said, “Be not afraid.” Politicians exploit that fear of “others.” Wiith social media, that fear has spread like a virus.

  • Ron

    Hey lady: We Christians worship JESUS, not “HAY-SOOS!” Ha ha ha!

  • Re: “It sounds as though you are saying that we should do nothing to help these children that are on the doorstep.”

    Not at all. What I am saying is, don’t take all these kids in and decide the problem has been solved. Doing so cannot and will never solve the problem. It will only help a small number of those affected by the real problem and satisfy an emotional need (i.e. to feel as though one is “helping”).

    Another way of putting it is … for every kid who makes it to U.S. borders whom you take in, there are several more left behind in misery in their home countries. It’s great you’ve taken in the one who made it, but ignoring the 10 left behind, doesn’t help them at all and accomplishes nothing.

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  • Arthur K. Sudler

    As a fellow Episcopalian I applaud Rev. Jennings for her powerful though-provoking witness. For Christians the premise that Jesus was a child refugee who fled violence and certain death in his home country is irrefutable. Yet I have seen Christians, believers of other faith traditions, and people who don’t claim a faith, who are opposed to Rev. Jennings’ message. The problem is – they don’t know their country’s history. The land where the border with Mexico exists wasn’t unoccupied. It was inhabited by native peoples who called themselves by many names. That early population was decimated by a process that we would call “genocide” if it happened today and so they were brutally removed from the land. Then land was taken from the sovereign state of Mexico by people from the United States who had no legal right to that land. Black Episcopalians in Philadelphia led by wealthy businessman James Forten opposed the annexation of Texas because – as abolitionists – they knew that Texas would join the United States as a slave state. Corporations based in the United States would later use countries in Central and South America to reap profits from agriculture. These profits were not shared with the workers and citizens of these countries. Governments were destabilized or propped up depending on their relationship with the corporate powers. Let’s not forget that the demand for illegal drugs in the United States is what fuels the profits and the violence associated with the drug cartels. And now we wonder why regular people living in fear under dysfunctional governments in countries where violence is rampant want out. I often wonder what would have happened if the earliest inhabitants of what we today call North America hadn’t had a broken immigration policy and had done a better job defending their borders. And let’s not forget that many in Central America are Christians. Perhaps their biblical exegesis has always encouraged them to see themselves like Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus fleeing the terror unleashed by King Herod. In the words of the of old Negro Spiritual “Ride on King Jesus!”

  • Linda

    Why not foster children already in this country…..My daughter is a foster parent and they are in desperate need for foster homes.

  • Linda

    There is a desperate need for foster parents in this country, why not do so now, here in the USA.

  • samuel Johnston

    @ Brooke,
    “And even if it is only allegorical, it is still the tenets of a religion so I don’t understand why you bring it up, unless your only reason for being here is to sow discord.”
    What is your premise? Is it that this discussion is 1) only for Christians?
    2) only for Christians who agree with Gay Clark Jennings 3) I am in league with the devil? 4) no one should question whether the tenets of a religion are factual? 5) you simply do not like what I say and cannot think of a suitable rejoinder?

  • samuel Johnston

    What a silly and distorted history. Try “Guns Germs and Steel”, or try “1491”.
    Desoto’s pigs killed more native Americans that all the “genocide’ wars combined.
    Mexico’s population dropped from 25 million to 1 million in less than a century.
    Only germs can do that. The Spanish never had enough bullets.

  • Fran

    Jesus took responsibility to feed that great crowd of people through that particular miracle. Not only did he feed them, but he also healed many of sicknesses and diseases, even resurrecting the dead (his friend, Lazarus; John 11:1-44).

    All the miracles that Jesus performed while he was on earth were a preview of what his millenial rule from God’s kingdom or heavenly government will soon accomplish for mankind on a worldwide scale.

    That will mean the end of all sickness, disease, old age, death, as well as the end of violence, wars, hate, prejudice, poverty, corrupt governments, natural disasters, etc. (Revelation 21:1-4).

  • Steve

    Of course, we have done it before, knowingly, or not.

  • Steve

    We have room for 3 – 4 children in our home, too, and will be more than happy to ‘foster’ children (even help families), if that’s what it takes. I venture to say that enough American homes would be happily open to help those youngsters who find themselves alone in the U.S. That’s the way we roll here!

  • Steve


  • Steve

    Again, amen!

  • Steve

    It’s been said, but warrants another try to get the facts across … we’re waiting on the Republicans to act on the greatly needed immigration reform.

  • Oh bless your heart. You find this analogy wanting because you want to. It is real hard to hear the truth and being asked to do something about it is even harder. What are you calling fiction, the story of Christ? That’s cool as long as you don’t call yourself a Christian (and there is nothing wrong with that). And how exactly American children “earned” an education.- by being born at the right longitude?

  • Well goodness honey, calling the Gospel mindless gushing. How Teavovled of you.

  • If you don’t see the radical call for justice and compassion in the the story of Jesus’ life (in ministry from and with the margins), murder (by the religious elite in collusion with the state) and resurrection (where by all rights he could have come back with a blazing vengeance and instead returned with open arms) maybe you need to giggle the nobs on your Gospel reader.

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  • EF

    I’m glad I’m not Episcopalian. This Rev is like having a chat with Satan, cunning and deceptive. Obviously seems to be receptive to Obama , worst president ever, and not a Christian. He can’t even show up at border to show compassion, gotta play pool instead. Then bash Christians. And I am proud to be straight, not part of the crowd who call other people names like homophobic. In the long run we have to bring in immigrants, because feminist women have aborted their babies at crime numbers worst than Hitler and Stalin. Abortion is a disgrace. In order to have Social Security to survive, the population has to increase. White women have abandoned what God said to be do in the beginning, be fruitful and multiply. Of course much has to be blamed on worthless men who abandon their family and duties as husband and father. This country doesn’t look like it will survive another 50 years. It is broke due to progressive spending and ideals. And when the bank is empty, massive poverty will prevail along with civil wars. If progressives were Christian they would actually perform the good deeds and actually foster and sponsor someone instead of passing the buck to someone else. I actually took on the responsibility of adopting instead of having child given to the death squad Planned Parent hoodies. I’m footing the bill just like the good Samaritan, But there has to be limit , and people need to start taking responsibility. This whole mess is due to drugs and the drugies and dopeheads in this country are funding this violence. Studies show that Conservatives are the most charitable because they pay more attention to being a Christian and being obedient to the laws of God.

  • Arthur K. Sudler

    Mr. Johnston, we are entitled to our own opinions – but not to our own versions of history. There are manifold expressions of oppression (i.e. “manifest desitiny, imperialism, colonialism, etc.). The effects of decimation on a population are equally egregious regardless of whether it was by superior forces, superior weaponry, or by disease. I am also quite mindful of the fact that the historical record shows that too often, unfortunately, “The Christian Church” (including my own Episcopal Church) was an oppressive force rather than a mediating and liberating force. All the more reason to celebrate and “lift up” Rev. Jennings’ witness. Lest you think that Rev. Jennings is a lone religious voice on this issue similar pieces have been published recently by: 1) The Rt. Rev. James R. Mathes, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, CA in the Union-Tribune (San Diego) “No outrunning fear — a spiritual perspective on border crisis,” 2) Rev. Jim Wallis, President, Sojourners, posted a piece on the Sojourners blog titled “The Moral Failure of Immigration Reform: Are We Really Afraid of Children,” and Adam Ericksen, Education Director of The Raven Foundation, posted a piece on The Raven Foundation website with perhaps the most challenging title for Christians “Jesus is at the Border: Immigration, Barriers, and God’s Economy.”

  • Mitzi Perkins

    so few christians, so many ‘buts’
    Those children are coming as per U.S. law!

  • Mitzi Perkins

    George Bush signed the law! Those children come as per that law!

  • Judy

    I’m sorry, the basis of the agrument seems fallacious to me on many levels. 1. Jesus is the creator of the universe. All nations belong to him. 2. His family was not poor, they had gold, incense and myrrh. 3. His Father called Him into Epypt. 4. He did not stay an extended period of time. (94 illegals were sent back by the court system last yr, which means most of them will likely stay) 5. They people of Eqypt didnt pay for his healthcare, education etc while they were struggling to feed their own, care for Vets,etc 6. They were not being used by the powers that be to restructure the entire socio-economic of a nation. While the plight of some of these children is sad, only 20% of them are under the age of 14. We are assuming that they are in jeopardy of their lives because we have been told so. First we were told that they were starving but since that is obviously not true, the story has chged. It would be wonderful if we could take care of the ppl of the world and we spent many billions trying to help them in their own countries. My heart goes out to the Christians in the Middle East and Africa where they are truly persecuted, crucified and beheaded for their faith. That issue is not addressed by this govt. BTW, we have by some estimates, 20 million illegals here now. I wonder where to compassion is for our fellow Americans who are struggling.

  • samuel Johnston

    Hi A.K.S.,
    Revising History is and always has been a popular academic sport. It’s all too easy to take some of the current popular values of society, make selections that fit your ideology, (very important), and judge the past by those standards. It is also dishonest.
    My view is summarized by Dr. Hayakawa.
    We should keep the Panama Canal. After all we stole it fair and square.
    – S. J. Hayakawa

  • Ruth

    There is not a single thing that you said here that is in the bible. What are you talking about?

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  • TRT

    For the past few weeks, I really fell to the wayside. I don’t know if I have a right to call myself a Christian anymore. I’ve been taken in by a lot of anger and rage and joined the tea party’s diatribe out of frustration from being poor, and no matter what we do, we barely get by. Our truck is breaking down, we have little. With obamacare driving up premiums and creating more hardship, my anger has grown at our president and his supporters. Then the flooding of immigrants over our borders, and seeing them being given shelter, means to go shopping, etc only fueled that bitterness and anger. We are a step away from homelessness. Our neighbor, a Vietnam veteran almost died at the hands of the VA last year….. he was on his death bed awaiting a surgery they would not approve …. his family at his home saying goodbye to him, and suddenly the VA called and approved the surgery, and he lives. We have serious troubles in our country…. we are forgetting our citizens too. So yes, that bitter feeling and anger grew and then the other day I woke up to a terrible pain in my stomach that just grew and worsened by the hour. It has been many months since praying and reaching out to God, because i think in my anger I have turned away. I prayed to be healed and I heard a voice distinctly say…. “Do not go against my children. They are my children too”. I knew exactly what God was saying to me…… and I cried, knowing that my hatred has served nothing and no one. As a Christian I pray God will forgive me….. will draw me near again. I feel terrible that these immigrants are on the receiving end of a lot of hate. I cannot imagine trying to flee a country for a better life, sitting on a bus, and seeing hoards of people screaming at me. I try to put myself into their shoes. How can I fully understand their situation? I was born here in America… and although we struggle…. I have forgotten to have faith in God. Like it or not, these immigrants are His children too. I cannot call myself a Christian and be against God’s children. God’s children are the inhabitants all over this planet and I am very ashamed of my behavior and mentality.

    I do not like Obama so much…. nor do I care for the republicans. I don’t feel that any party is correct. In this mess…. in this concern, I see my wrong doings and how heavy and black my soul felt while being cruel toward a people who are wanting to live a better life. Should criminals cross the border, I have faith they will be dealt with. We really must give this situation to God… and pay attention to our own souls and our relationship with him. Jesus did say that whatever we do for the least of his brothers and sisters, we did for him.

    Please God, forgive me for my mentality….. help me go forward with a clean heart and new attitude. Protect these immigrants from hate, violence, and people who do not understand the bigger picture.

  • TRT

    I will agree on one thing, if progressives are going to call upon the Lord God and his Son’s example of how we are to live, then we must fully accept the fact that God would not agree with the killing of the unborn, therefore, abortion should never be supported. That is what my post is about below, I cannot call myself a Christian if I do not fully accept what God wants.

    God made it clear to me about the rejection of his immigrant children, but he also meant all children…. and to me that includes the unborn.

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  • Tom Crowe

    Thank you for speaking-out for the children. I too have visited Honduras, and saw the death, corruption and violence 1st hand. Anyone in the L.A. area is welcome to join our Long Beach, CA Vigil TONIGHT:

    Tom Crowe
    St. Luke’s Long Beach

  • samuel Johnston

    Hi TRT,
    “I’ve been taken in by a lot of anger and rage and joined the tea party’s diatribe out of frustration from being poor, and no matter what we do, we barely get by.”
    When I was about 18, I wandered into a Psychiatrist’s office, right off the street with no appointment, or money. He was a busy, but nice young professional, and he listened for a few minutes to my sad story. Then he said “You are not mentally ill, you are not making up your problems, your problems are real and I wish you good luck with them. I cannot express you how much better that made me feel.
    You have real problems, and they are not of your making. You have no reason to take yourself to task for your feelings- only your actions. I wish you the very best.

  • “The baby Jesus survived Herod’s massacre because his parents took him across a border to a land where he was safe”, because they were warned by an angel of God. This is part of the Epiphany story, in which we are to learn of the Cosmic Christ dimension of Jesus.

  • James Hoying

    This sounds like an excellent opportunity for Church Leadership to put our money to good use. We should immediately fund mission leaders to help these children reunite with their families in their own country. We should be working to make their lives better there, so they and many more children are no longer exploited by the drug cartels and human traffickers who use them as a distraction to smuggle drugs into the US, sexually abuse them during their journey, and often sell them into prostitution once they are here.

  • James Hoying

    Not true. Almost all of these children will receive asylum, even the MS-13 gang enforcers who are posing as refugees. Statistics from DHS are publicly available. You should educate yourself before making blanket statements.

  • harold galusha

    It is legal to come across our border and asked for help. These children are giving themselves up, and asking for help which is legal. Instead of punishing the children we need to protect them. We must have compassion for people. This is not about paperwork, its about saving children lives. Many of these children will be killed if we deport them without looking into the real cause of them coming to America. I suggest we all read Luke 16:19-31. Jesus was once one of those children that had to cross the boarder because they were going to kill him.

  • harold galusha

    Steve, well said my brother!

  • harold galusha

    Lets do what Jesus says we should do!

  • harold galusha

    Michael, I couldn’t have said it better!

  • harold galusha

    Joe, you remind everyone that the answers are in Jesus! Instructions are in the bible!

  • harold galusha

    Wayne, amen!

  • harold galusha

    The instructions are in the bible! Thank you for your opinion, and I also have one, but is it not better to do what Jesus says we should do? What would Jesus do?

  • harold galusha

    Well said!

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  • MW

    Couldn’t have said it any better!!! Thank you Adam 🙂

  • MW

    On point !