COMMENTARY: Insights of these 3 religious thinkers may be antidote to ‘feel-good’ faith

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Martin Buber was a philosopher known for his existentialist philosophy of dialogue.

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Martin Buber was a philosopher known for his existentialist philosophy of dialogue.

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(RNS) I have a modest proposal for those who constantly “move on” in their quest for authentic faith: “Move back” and explore the insights of three major religious thinkers: Martin Buber, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Reinhold Niebuhr.

  • Larry

    The book “An Incomplete Education” actually lists the description of these three people according to their probable response to your revelation of God spelled backwards:

    -Buber would note that he considered it himself and laugh.

    -de Chardin would want you to study it further and work on a dissertation of it

    -Niebuhr would not find it amusing and scold you roughly for wasting his time.

  • Lles Nats

    I wonder what Bubers reaction to zionism would be today, considering the philosophy described above….

  • Larry

    It depends.

    Whenever you see a lot of non-jews using the term “Zionism”, it is almost always an epithet and used in a way to further anti-Semitic tropes. Given your past postings, I take it that was your purpose as well. 🙂

  • Lles Nats

    No, I do not think much of zionism as a concept or the tools used in the current practice or protection thereof.

    That being said, nice try, but your conditioned reaction to label any disagreement as “anti-fill-in-the-blank” in order to silence criticism again shows your statist mindset.

    It won’t shut me up. And I’m not sorry if you are disappointed.

  • Larry

    Wait! Aren’t you going to call me a sheeple or say I am blind to the vast Zionist conspiracy or “asleep”

    C’mon I have bingo squares to fill here!

    Whatever criticism you probably have, It was probably something really silly, ignorant and antisemitic. You give that impression.

  • Lles Nats

    Nobody is stopping israel tonight as it pulverizes the bodies of humans who only want the same peace israel had. Usually america is pretty fantastic about throwing it weight around, overthrowing regimes, setting up new ones, spending multi billions to stop individual terrorists.

    But tonight as another pali family dies, no politician in america is making any plans to intervene or help.


  • Larry

    Because other a bunch of deluded far left wingers, Islamic fundamentalists and people on the Iranian payroll, nobody likes Hamas. Not even most Palestinians.

    They took Gaza in a gangland style massacre of fellow Palestinians. If they were not attacking Israel, you would be considering them another clueless armed band of Islamicists causing mayhem. You’re concern for the Palestinians, like most outsiders, only goes as far as their conflict with Israel. You don’t really seem concerned with the fact that they are ruled by foreign backed dictatorial extremist thugs.

    If Israel wanted to turn Gaza into a uninhabited wasteland, they would have done so in the 45 years they had it (and couldn’t give it back to Egypt, no matter how hard they tried). The fact that Israel have not done so in all of that time undermines much of the hysterical arguments for Hamas.

    Hamas has plenty of money coming its way from Iran and plenty of rockets to fire. No money for the welfare of fellow Palestinians. No regard for normal existence for fellow Palestinians. No desire to legitimately govern its people besides using fear and mob rule.

    Hamas’s paymasters have no desire for peaceful existence for Palestinians. Only a continued conflict with Israel and fellow Palestinians backed by the Arab League in the West Bank.
    [I bet you didn’t even know there was a civil war going on among Palestinian factions]

    These are the people you want to support? LOL.

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