Keep George Carlin Way!

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Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan

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Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan

Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan

Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan

I can understand why the pastor of Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan has a problem with the City of New York designating his block of 121st Street “George Carlin Way.” The famously vulgar comedian not only made routine fun of the church and grade school he attended as a boy, he later rejected Roman Catholicism altogether.

I mean fer Chrissakes, it was at Corpus Christi in 1938, the year after Carlin was born, that Thomas Merton, then doing graduate work at Columbia, had himself baptized into the faith and went on to become one of the American church’s great spiritual and literary celebrities. Talk about ships passing in the night!

On the other hand, maybe it was something holier than what the New York Times described yesterday as a “clerical” error that led the city to mistakenly extend George Carlin Way a block beyond the comedian’s boyhood home to include Corpus Christi. For when it came to Catholic social teaching, Carlin was definitely with the current program. Check out this YouTube of him talking about how our economic system works and tell me Pope Francis wouldn’t be putting his hands together.

So before the fall, when the New York City Council votes on some more street name changes, why not let the parish decide whether their block should stick with Carlin Way or revert to plain old 121st Street. I say stick with Carlin but if that’s still too hard to swallow, how about going with “Thomas Merton Way”? Merton was also a devotee of social justice, not to mention peace, racial harmony, interfaith understanding, and jazz. I have a feeling that George, wherever he is, wouldn’t mind a bit.

  • Amen. Keep Carlin Way and designate the place in front of Corpus Christi church as Merton Place. The two should share the laughs.

  • Chaplain Martin

    I agree with you John but why not Carlin/Merton Place?
    Come to think of it, why not 121 St. it’s certainly less confusing for a new comer to New York.
    Now Mark Silk don’t you have some papers to grade, or is summer just leaving you with too much time on your hands?

  • No papers to grade, Chap.

  • Chaplain Martin

    I don’t know why I felt like you must have too much time on your hands when I use to be chaplain to felons, and then to the mentally ill. A very exciting life and now I’m living in an independent living situation, no wonder I finding myself trading comments with such good folks as Atheist Max and others.

  • Either way, unlike everyone involved with this post and beyond, George and Thomas know the “truth” now and find the entire street naming focus utterly laughable.

  • Susan Mulloy

    Chaplain, you’re comments are much appreciated.