‘That Jew Died for You’

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A video released by the Christian...no Jewish...no Christian group Jews for Jesus depicts Jesus as a Holocaust victim sent to the gas chambers. Holocaust fiction aside, where should we draw the line when one group’s beliefs conflict with and offend another’s?

  • Lles Nats

    We need more censorship. Doubletalk and thinkspeak….pronto!

    Oh, and forever and always the holocaust can only be mentioned by a jew. If you are a non jew its off limits. Yet….if you are not black somehow its still ok if you discus slavery in america.

    Jews are special thay way.

  • Garson Abuita

    You forgot to tell us how being anti-Israel isn’t connected at all to anti-Semitism.. /s

  • Lles Nats

    I am anti-theft. Anti-killing. Anti-lying.

    If that in turn makes me anti israel or antisemitic in your judgement, so be it.

    It just means you, identifying as either pro israel or prosemitic, are for those things.

  • Larry

    Its not even the most tasteless thing on Youtube at the moment.

    I can see why one would want it removed, but I also know full well there should never be any compulsion to do so.

    Its not like people haven’t made tasteless films about the Holocaust before. Italian Cinema did on a fairly regular basis. (“The Night Porter”, “Salon Kitty”, “Life is Beautiful”, an entire subgenre of S&M exploitation films of the 70’s….).

    One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

  • Garson Abuita

    Why don’t you stop being a coward, hiding behind layers of double-speak, and answer a simple question: do you have a problem with the Jewish people? Not Israel, not Zionism – Jewish people and the Jewish religion.

  • Lles Nats


    Did u hope I did?

  • All I know is that before I received Jesus/Yeshua I was discontented, restless and searching. Now having received God’s forgiveness through faith in Jesus and His atonement on my behalf I have peace, and joy and contentment. Shalom

  • Garson Abuita

    You’ve shown your true colors by refusing to answer. Coward.

  • “I am anti-theft. Anti-killing. Anti-lying.”

    And Anti-original.

  • Diogenes

    Shalom and Amen!

  • Diogenes

    “Jews for Jesus” as an evangelical agency is composed primarily of Jewish believers in Y’shua/Jesus as Israel’s long awaited Messiah and Savior of the world. They are not dogmatic as regards cultural expressions and many if not most retain the ancient cultural practices of Judaism by preference not compulsion. As Jews they are ‘entitled’ to express their own view regarding the Holocaust through the prism of their faith in Jesus and their own experiences as Jews. Such a view may not conform with others, which is beside the point. The effectiveness of their methodology will reveal itself in time.

  • Larry

    “A Jewish man has just won the lottery and invites his family to a dinner. He then stands up to thank everyone. “First I must thank my beautiful wife for her help and support, then I want to thank my children, and the lottery commission.” “Then I would like to thank Adolf Hitler”. Suddenly everyone was silent as he showed some numbers tatooed on his forearm and said, “For the winning numbers”.”

    -Source unknown

  • @Stephen,

    For the record, all you have to do is change “Jesus/Yeshua” to some other deity and exactly what you have said
    has been said in the same way
    by some religious person in every religion everywhere.

    You don’t testify to Jesus/Yeshua (though you think you are)
    You testify to the delusion of religion.

    Religion is comforting, yes. But do not pretend there is no price to pay for that comfort.

  • Max, and of those so called “dieties” to which you refer, tell me who else has risen from the dead? There were over 500 witnesses to the risen Messiah (1 Corinthians 15). So while you feel you may have a point, you really don’t. Not only did Yeshua give me peace in this life, but He has promised me eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. The life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus are real historical events, brought about by a Living God and His Risen Son. This is History, that is His Story. Shalom