• Lles Nats

    “The war between hamas and israel”.

    It is not. You say it that specific way on purpose, to give the impression that it is. Come on. You have american weapons in a billion dollar armament vs homemade rockets and tunnels.

    No this is total and absolute genocide. Its not a war. The israeli s are not merely defending themselves. This is the last push to take all the land in a process that starter 60 years ago.

    America and israel cannot have a valid god, when they behave like this.

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  • The Great God Pan

    Want to see religious privilege in action?

    Read the linked LA Times piece about the dead Zen master and try to imagine a similarly fawning piece being published following the death of, say, Jerry Sandusky or any other sexual predator who was not a religious figure. This obit devotes one paragraph to one of his “dozens” or “hundreds” of victims, and 9 paragraphs (!) to excuses and hand-waving from one of his sycophants.

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