Poll: More Italians support abortion rights than cosmetic surgery

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A majority of Italians think it's more acceptable to have abortions than facelifts, according to a new poll.

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A majority of Italians think it's more acceptable to have abortions than facelifts, according to a new poll.

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ROME (RNS) According to the survey published in the daily La Stampa this week, 61 percent of Italians support abortion. By comparison, only 44 percent of those surveyed said they supported face-lifts.

  • Lles Nats

    Homosexual parents cannot produce children. Therefore, the article should relate the dealings of adopted children of homosexual parents….or perhaps, the children of parents previously in heterosexual relationships before they decided they were born this way. Which is a fun thought by its own….merit.

    Rejecting cosmetic surgery symbolically rejects shallowness and self centric lifestyles. I like it.

    Rejecting right to life concepts by embracing abortion is the pinnacle of self absorbed behavior.

    So basically the italians are confused self deceiving liars who seek orgasim without responsability as a matter of public policy….but still demand respect.


  • “Rejecting right to life concepts by embracing abortion is the pinnacle of self absorbed behavior.”

    Deciding for yourself what others should do with their bodies.

    Using the pretense of Holy Authority of Scripture to force other people
    to do obey your keen insights.

    Pretending that God supports the ‘right to life’ when the vast majority
    of potential fetuses are aborted naturally apparently by the abortion king himself; Yahweh.

    Dismantling the separation of church and state so your private religious preferences and fetishes and narrow views get pushed on other people with government programs.

    Religion is fascist and it can’t avoid it.

  • Lles Nats

    Oh, jeez max. Look it, I can tell you are a smart guy but don’t get caught up in cliche media thinking.

    As in “christians are forcing their beliefs on other people.” The cliche thinking is a trap max, for stupid people basically. But I can tell from your posts you are definately trying to think on your own.

    By the basic mechanics of getting to vote on an issue, each person will vote their worldview. So duh, a christian will vote as such…and whatever other flavor of belief or non belief will to. No mystery. No agenda. Nobody wants to force anybody to do anything… and if such an argument was valid it would apply equally to all sides. The godless would be forcing their views if they won. The religious if they won.

    Come to think of it, I’m pretty righteously ticked off that you nutjob godless dogs force upon me the absence of christian symbolism. I mean, I don’t accept that there no god. Your forcing on me the theory that we all crawled out of a puddle of mud! Screw that. Good enough for your family is not good enough for mine. Quit being such a facist hater max. Forcing your crap on me.

    There. Act done. See how this goes? Live and let live my man. Otherwise all that is guaranteed is war. You think a war on behalf of the enlightened atheist beliefs is beyond your type? Doubt it.

    But above all, don’t buy into cliche thinking. Its produced with wordcount restrictions in mind and repeated until accepted. I just hate for someone who appears to be thinking to buy into it.

  • @Lles,

    You say, “Live and let live my man.”
    If only Christians could follow that one. But it seems they can’t.

    You said, “I’m pretty righteously ticked off that you nutjob godless dogs force upon me the absence of christian symbolism.”

    Have you ever had any roommates. Did you go to college?
    The shared living room is not for your cat’s litter – that is what you don’t seem to understand.
    You have the right to have your Christian symbols anywhere you like, just not on the lawn that you share with non-Christians unless you are ready to have their symbols on it too. Get it?

    Meanwhile, we non-believers have all of this dangerous nonsense
    shoved down our throats:

    Forbidding access to life-saving medical procedures thanks to SCOTUS.
    Granting corporations the right to enforcing a religion onto employees.
    State Legalized Murder of Doctors – South Dakota

    Mandatory Trans-vaginal probes – Virginia Legislature

    Preaching the Bible in public schools – funded by Hobby Lobby

, etc.
    Forced prayer at Government meetings – Says Supreme Court.
    Blocking people from family planning – Texas, 5 other states.

    Obstruction of prescriptions – Illinois, Washington

    Discrimination as religious choice -Arizona (SB-1062)

    Anti-Gay laws – Texas
 & elsewhere

    Anti-women’s rights laws – Texas, Louisina, Virginia

    Biased Counseling laws – South Dakota

    Creationism to replace Science Education: 14 States
    “Intelligent Design” to replace Scientific theories in Tenn., Ky and Louisiana.

    So as long as your churches are funding these faith-based government programs among others
I will have to challenge you.

    Don’t be angry that Jesus can’t seem to function
    without all your faith-based government programs.

    Why does Jesus need to tamper with our public laws?

    Keep your Jesus at home, with your families and at church.
    Pray in public as long as you like – no problem.
    Just respect the separation of church and state and
    DON”T INCLUDE ME in your murdering Jesus – and we will get along fine.


  • ROB

    yes it would be unchristian of us if we had policy’s that said ..

    abortion’s should happen frequently yet only to atheists ..!!!

    and homosexuality is exactly the life style we want for atheist’s only of course !!!!

    as of now were saying we don’t want these two things for any one..

    because we think to highly of all people

    and you don’t like that.

  • @Rob,

    “we don’t want [homosexuality or abortion] for anyone
    because we think too highly of all people
    and you don’t like that.”

    Why stop there?
    Don’t you want to make sure they aren’t raising witches?
    Don’t you want to make sure they say their prayers?
    How about their eating practices – are they ‘clean enough’?

    You don’t understand freedom.
    Worse, you don’t understand slavery and wouldn’t know it if you woke up as a slave tomorrow.

  • rob

    I can hear the screaming now .if Christians forced all the bad things on peoples
    who were not Christian ..Wanting only hell for them..

    following the very worse laws to just plain really bad laws. forced on non Christian people.

    first law of course would be non Christians would be forced to be under the title Atheist and no one would be aloud to tell them about Jesus. Bibles would not be allowed to them.. Nothing at all about Jesus their only savior from sin could be told to them in any way shape or form .. they could only learn they came from star stuff the big bang theory which includes they
    ate there own excrement as apes and monkeys often do which were their mamas and papas at once upon a time according to their evolutionist
    teachers ,

    the next law would be forced homosexuality on all of them since they support and defend it and forced abortions also on all of them since they support and defend that to..

    and Christians would be rid of them for ever . and soon..

    yet the one they reject .. Jesus says he died for them to.. he loves them to..

  • rob

    since apart from Christ sin death and the devil our are masters
    what a fine freedom that is..

  • Ever consider visiting an Atheist country and actually looking at how awesome Atheism really is?

    Atheist countries are so incredible it is amazing:

    Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, France; so prosperous and so happy!

    Almost no crime at all. Free healthcare for all. Jobs are plentiful, Women have the same rights as men. Nobody dies for lack of healthcare.
    Almost everybody is Atheist and yet there is no murder, no theft almost no measurable crime AT ALL!

    Happy, healthy successful countries: The Atheist countries.
    Here is where religion is very strong: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Texas

    I’ll take Scandinavia any day!

  • Frank

    Is there any doubt that most people would choose a selfish, self serving choice?

  • Larry

    The most self serving choice being when one pretends God has vested you the power to control the personal decisions of others.

  • Frank

    Everyone has the choice to do what they want. No one is stopping anyone.

    Still clinging to the fallacious, tired a narrative I see.

  • Larry

    Which is why Christianity can be so much at odds with things like civil liberties and respect for fellow human beings.

  • Larry

    Nobody is stopping anyone?


    When have you stopped lying Frank?

    Conservative politicians constantly run on platforms to limit personal choices of others because their God says so. You certainly have no respect for the choices people make concerning family planning.

  • rob

    Norway Iceland Sweden Denmark Finland the Netherlands and France
    many of there people still bring their infants to be baptized..

    so their far from being atheist as you want to pretend..

    the baptized infant population alone proves Christianity is alive and trusting

  • rob

    you call murdering unborn children family planning..

    we want to make that punishable ..I personally would like to see abortion doctors face capital punishment ,,

  • Larry

    If they are not born, they are not children. If its not your body, its not your choice.

    I would like our medical profession free of anti-liberty religious nabobs who think they have the right to make decisions for others because they think God tells them so.