• A little kaddish

    He Who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us.

  • Lles Nats

    Don’t look now. But its happening again. GAZA.

    Only this time we’re not allowed to help.

  • Rob

    6 million Jewish people killed ? is that widely accepted propaganda or fact ?

    I wonder did the author even check?

  • Rob

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In my opinion is a really good guy.

    I would not mind voting for such a fellow as he for president of the united states ..

    because he really takes his Job seriously and has his peoples best interest at heart also I believe it bothers him when any one is killed and even more so when children are killed..

    if Israel or the united states is to survive .. that the sort of fellow one would want as leader..

  • Rob

    The reason I ask about the number 6 million I had read ..population statics
    before and after the war don’t reflect that 6 million Jewish people were killed .

    I DONT KNOW how to check? do any of you ?

    I do know some things told to me in school have been proved to be just repeated propaganda. .. propaganda is often used by governments to get people in a war mood . especially if that country’s government is interested in getting involved with a war..

  • Rob

    Mike Jacobs .
    only he and God knows if he told the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

  • Rob

    I have come to the conclusion I to will die.. because of my sin’s ..Just as scripture say’s.

    I think if your dead your death SCREAMS OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT YOU…. see I wasn’t as good as you all thought.. if I was i would be some where else——- partying.

  • Rob

    Romans 5 is about people gone parting rather than staying around for their own funeral..

  • Larry

    That number came originally from Adolf Eichman’s estimates based on average train loads of people and frequency of delivery. It turns out that figure may have been an underestimate!

    There are numerous resources on the subject. The best one for you would probably be either Ushmm.org or Hdot.org

  • Larry

    If the Israelis were committing genocide against the Palestinians, you would be talking about them in the past tense right now. 🙂

  • Fran

    The only hope of worldwide peace and security for all nations will soon be realized by God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel. 2:44) in the near future through its King, Jesus, whose rule over mankind will be just, righteous, peaceful, and put an end to all the problems we now face (Isaiah 11:1-10).

    No more will wicked ones prevail over the meek (Psalm 37:10,11), and all sickness, disease, old age and even death will be done away with (Revelation 21:3,4).

    No man or government on earth has the love and the power to bring this all about.

    As Proverbs 29:2 brings out: “When the righteous are many, the people rejoice. But when the wicked one rules, the people groan.” Such is our world today.

  • Lles Nats

    Are you saying the Israelis are not committing genocide?


    Say Larry….aren’t you Jewish? HASBARA MUCH? Did they offer you a school grant too?

  • Larry

    Nope. Israel has plenty of weapons of indiscriminate destruction. If genocide was the plan, you would be seeing napalm and massive artillery and strategic bombers being used. Gaza would have been a smoking ruin devoid of almost all of its inhabitants. Again you would have been speaking in past tense.

    Ad hominem much? I guess that’s easier responding in an intelligent manner.

    Egypt and Jordan would probably be giving the assist on the efforts if genocide was the plan. Jordan killed more Palestinians in one month than Israel has in 40 years. [You probably never heard of Black September]

  • Gregg

    Leaving the theological discussions to people who are qualified to have them, it’s an easy task to check the statistical number of people murdered by the Nazis. If you’re not lazy there are plenty of places to find the information. The number 6 million is for the Jews that the Nazis murdered in a dedicated, deliberate attempt to extinguish a whole people.6,000,000 is a big number and, as I think Stalin said, 1 death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic. But that doesn’t make it less true, or not overwhelmingly tragic – but the human mind has difficulty grasping such enormity. Still, Mike Jacobs was speaking the truth.
    But look at the website above cited and think about the numbers as an “underestimate”. How to wrap your head around such numbers? Factor in the number of Gypsies murdered by the Nazis, then Freemasons, Catholics, Communists, political enemies, homesexuals, people with mental or other disabilities, etc., and seeing the word “murdered” followed by figured like “20,000,000” should not surprise you.
    So, if you want to dispute the facts you live a free country that allows you to do that. Just be aware that being free to be a dolt doesn’t change world history.
    When people like Mike Jacobs emerged from the Nazi darkness they didn’t KNOW these numbers. They knew their worlds had been shattered and somehow they survived. Then they, too, just like the rest of the world, got to read of the Nazi horrors as the Nuremberg trials unfolded and the facts became known and the “statistics” became real. That’s how Mike Jacobs knew these real numbers – he didn’t have to see every death to know. Neither do any of the readers here. It’s history, it’s established fact. Saying that you doubt it is just juvenile and silly and evidences deep seated prejudices from which you ought to find a way to disabuse yourself.
    Comparing the current news in Gaza and Israel is equally foolish. People die in wars. Non-combatants frquently perish – but more die than expected when enemy combatants hide in people’s homes, in schools, in religious edifices. Israel repeatedly states that it’s war is with Hamas, not with the people of Gaza; Hamas doesn’t claim that it’s war is not with the Israeli people and it fires rockets into civilian populations accordingly. Never mind the rockets that fall short and land in Gaza and kill Palestinians. Hamas has become expert in manipulating propaganda while it uses children to hide behind. So, no, do NOT try to compare the situation in Gaza to the murdering marauders of Nazi Germany. It just makes you sound completely and ignorantly prejudiced. Unless that’s what you want to sound like, in which case I shan’t attempt to further edcuate you.
    Denying the Holocaust is worse than ignorant; it shows a repugnance for the truth. Calling the war between Hamas and Israel genocide shows a similar repugnance for truth and makes what you say completely non-credible.

  • Gregg

    My last comment contains an error (never mind typos). The war of Hamas against against Israel is, itself, genocidal. Hamas is totally dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the people therein – that IS genocidal. That is the very definition of genocide. Turning it around and calling sad collateral damage by the same term is not only disingenuous it’s invidious discrimination the like of which has not been seen for a very long time.

  • Kris

    What a fabulous article and life. Mike Jacobs life was well-lived and purposeful. Which is what everyone should strive to do, unless you are someone like Rob, who prefers to waste his life being spoon feed data from ignorant people. There is more the enough facts and figures to sift through that bares out what any Holocaust survivor, German civilian, U.S. military personnel, and many more that saw first hand will testify to, and have over the years. Even Hitler made movies documenting the atrocities. So you just keep your head in the sand Rob, because at the end of your life I bet no one will know that you even existed. You just propaganda that your parent made up – birth certificate, photos or any proof was all faked.

  • Arielle

    As long as there are humans, worldwide peace is unfortunately an impossibility – but this only makes the need for acceptance, understanding, love, and remembrance all the more acute. The atrocities of the Holocaust, the breadth and horrors of which most people do not even know and will rarely hear about, must not be forgotten lest they be repeated. The tone of hatred and racism (not only toward Jewish people, though that specific brand of discrimination is sadly on the rise) that is building in this world is a shadow that must somehow be halted, and the only way to stop it is to educate and to embrace. Mike Jacobs’ life, his survival, was clearly dedicated to those ideals – education of future generations, and embracing of whatever differences or paths our lives offer for the good. Who are we to judge another based on religion, creed, color, orientation, or any other detail that serves to make us unique? Who are we to say what is desirable, or righteous, or human? The Nazi mission was to stamp out whatever they deemed unworthy or unclean, and yes, the numbers are staggeringly huge, and it’s impossible to understand how such violence was ever perpetrated, but the facts are clear. If we are to combat the vitriol of that regime, or even combat the terrorists of today, we must learn context, open-mindedness, and empathy. Denying history, denying experience, serves as an affront to any life that has been lost to blind intolerance and repugnant evil. We must never forget, we must work to carry the flame of hope and perseverance alight in our hearts. This world is bettered by those who seek to enlighten and uplift the people they touch, and it is all the more powerful when they do so despite cruelty or despair. Survivors speak for those who were silenced, and may we continue to speak and survive once the torch is passed to us. “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.” Bless this man for the life he led, and may he rest in peace.

  • Lles Nats

    As a jew, I assume you believe in a god. And I assume further a jewish god prohibits and endorses a few particular things. So, if correct so far, larry, what do you think of palestineians?

    And what do you think of christians?