Interfaith stress * Isolation unit * Civil disobedience: Friday’s Roundup

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Diagram of the words "peace" and "war" on either end of a seesaw.

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A 72-hour ceasefire was announced in the Gaza conflict.

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Muslims and Jews try to talk above the din of war. An Ebola patient may be headed for an Atlanta hospital isolation unit. Religious leaders engage in civil disobedience.

  • Lles Nats

    Hamas might not have kidnapped israeli teenagers in the first place, says a jewish writer.

    Google up Katie Zavadski of

    Neyetenboo originally said “hamas kidnapped them. Hamas will pay.”

    So not only was Nehytenbibi wrong initially, he lied as well. He didn’t make hamas pay. He made 10000 palestineians pay.

    These people are too dangerous to have a state of their own. He hasnt got jack right so far. And if the world insists the jews have to have a state and it has to be there, for humanities sake disarm the israeli s. They cannot handle weapons and sound judgement.

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  • “These people?” You seem to forget that Israel has been surrounded by states bent on its destruction since its independence in 1948. Moreover, while I would like to see a more moderate government in Israel, Hamas refuses to accept the very existence of Israel. They’re not exactly sending “welcome” rockets across their border.

    To understand this controversy requires one to go back to the early part of the 20th century to examine how the Sykes-Picot treaty undermined the Faisal – Weizmann accords. Nevertheless, irrespective of the history their are Muslim factions that cannot, and will never, accept a Jewish state in that part of the world. It is religious zealotry that creates the violence.

  • Lles Nats

    Agreed with your last statement.

    I’m just sick of america supporting one and not the other. We didn’t have enemies in thr middle east until we took stewardship of israel.

    Muslims and palestineians have equal right to defend themselves and their interests.