RFRA’s END(A)? * Iraq’s Christians * Foreskin sorcery: July’s Religious Freedom Recap

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Hobby Lobby ruling prompts calls for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to be scrapped. Mosul’s Christians are ordered to convert to Islam or face death. And Zimbabwe might ban circumcision because foreskins could be used in witchcraft, obviously.

  • Lles Nats

    “Now all americans will pay for contraception coverage through taxes? Mission accomplished?”

    Oh, absolutely mission accomplished.

    Liberals are statists in mentality. Their ideas of freedom only extend to the bedroom, which is yes sort a shallow. But they are completely and wholly about making someone else responsible and having someone else pay. All of them. The whole lot, are socialist. They desire a large state to take care of them and protect them from responsability. They probably couldn’t handoe real freedom where they did not have the ability to make someone else pay for their choices. A pretty sick group of people.

  • Lles Nats

    “Blasphemy laws protect power rather than people. He’s right”

    Blasphemy laws…as in you cannot say anything against the designated god or doctrine of the land. Anti discrimination laws…as in you cannot say anything against a special group of people.

    So anti discrimination laws also protect “power”? Yes. And make for a unbalanced and artificial society.

  • Lles Nats

    Brian, you are patented media “truths” thinker. Your personal bias is all over all of what you wrote. Why do you work for RNS is you aren’t in any way religious? Everybody already knows it who reads this, so just admit it publicly. You dislike religion in general and hold no religion personally. Your articles contain your bias and people who read the stuff you put together will get that antireligious bias every time.

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