• John McGrath

    Everyone seems to be skirting around the strict commandment in Leviticus that all adulterers, male or female, should be killed. Southern Baptists, with their huge divorce rate, wouldn’t like to be reminded of that. Oh, it also says that fornicators – but only female fornicators – should be killed too. Leviticus is a savage book for people living in a savage survival state.

  • Larry

    But Jesus excused Christians from having to follow that, except when it comes to gays……because. 🙂

  • Frank

    Amazing how willing some people are to stand up publicly and show us how ignorant they are.

  • David

    Check your facts re your copy: “After the Cincinnati Roman Catholic Archdiocese withdrew a $1,000 donation to a homeless shelter run by a renegade woman priest, the house received an unexpected windfall, $9,500 in donations.” The woman priest was invited to host a prayer service on July, 20th. She does not run the shelter. The shelter is a Catholic Worker House.

  • Greg

    It’s debatable whether Ann Coulter counts as a “prominent conservative” anymore, but who are the others criticizing missionaries? You said there were plural. Would have been nice if you noted the immediate backlash she drew from other conservatives for that baffling column.

  • Oedipus

    “I will find the murderer of my predecessor, King Laius and find the cause of the great plague of Thebes”

  • Larry

    Donald Trump and one other guy, who I cannot be concerned enough to name. There is a separate posting on it on this site.

  • The Great God Pan

    The third one was Ben Carson, whose comments were reprinted at just about every conservative site with no sign of a backlash.

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  • Richard Koerselman

    Great Roundup today! You touched on some hot issues & gave us Wendell Berry – always food for the soul.

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