• Lles Nats

    America is a disgusting society.

    If….and it will never happen, but if the poo had been molded into a Cross of David, guilded in gold and pur on display….the outcry from the likes of Eckstrom and liberals im general would be deafening. All the emotional buzzwords would be used, starting with antisemitisim and all its follow-ons including bigot, hater, racist, and homophobe would probably even be tied in there some where.

    Think about it. Why is only christianity degraded, often with feces, in american “art”?

    We are actively propagandized to hate islam constantly and we don’t even do this to them.

    I have the answer….but you won’t like it. You won’t want to believe it….

    You are all groupthinkers. Every thought you have and association to that thought is planted in your brain. Its all unbalanced, as you cannot discern truth or reciprocity from one subject to the next. Meaning, you have no critical thinking skills. As such, you are pliable and receptive, anf as long as you feel comfortable and “right” standing in a crowd of others who are programmed like you, you will stand there and believe you are right. But test yourself to find out…do you wait for the confirmation of others to believe your truth, or think over the applications of the issue to other situations?

    If you do the former, you are a groupthinker. If you do the latter, you are admirable but likely don’t “fit in” in america.

  • Lles Nats

    Taking ques from the author and site censor extraordinaire..

    If I type [expletive deleted], will it be offensive enough to censor….or will it pass as worthy and valid communication for a “religious” news portal?

    I be some animals are more equal than others. We will see.

  • We are poor little lambs who’ve lost our way
  • Lles Nats


    Oh my. They can say it but you cannot. Enjoy your freedom ‘merica. You deserve it.

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  • John McGrath

    “Love has pitched its tent/in the place of excrement.”

  • Art

    @ Nats – Posting from America no doubt. Enjoy that freedom!

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