no omg * ‘Every face’ * Driscoll, Dawkins under fire: Monday’s Roundup

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We’ve got your Monday morning with news highlights from goofy to grim and back again. It’s early so we’ll start with a touch of the silly.

McSweeney’s checked the original “tablets” and found God texted the Ten Commandments. My faves:

#1. no1 b4 me. srsly.

#3. no omg

Where no one is laughing…

Tick tick tick…

Israel and Hamas began a three day truce Sunday (Aug. 10) and as of Monday morning it appeared to be holding. Palestinians say they’re exhausted, yet steadfast. Having suffered so much, one woman said, “We should come out with a result.”

Summer Implosion Digest, Chapter II

This shaping up like a running feature tracking folks who hit the public image self-destruct button.

Chapter 1: Richard Dawkins, interviewed at the weekend’s World Humanist Congress, unloaded more mystifying comments qualifying degrees of rape. And he invented the phrase “mild pedophilia.”

Chapter 2:  Pastor Mark Driscoll’s decade of serial misdeeds and apologies caught up to him. The board of Acts 29 dumped him and his Mars Hill, Seattle, megachurch out of the church planting network Driscoll co-founded, citing him for “ungodly and disqualifying behavior.”  Then, the retail arm of Southern Baptist Convention, LifeWay stores and, suspended sales of his books “while we assess the developments regarding his ministry.”

“Every face…”

Kent Brantly of Samaritan’s Purse, right, gives orders for medication to administer to the Ebola patients through the doorway of the isolation unit in Liberia. Dr. Brantly spent almost four hours in a Tyvek suit in order to care for the three patients in the unit.

Photo courtesy Samaritan's Purse

Kent Brantly of Samaritan’s Purse, right, gives orders for medication to administer to the Ebola patients through the doorway of the isolation unit in Liberia. Dr. Brantly spent almost four hours in a Tyvek suit in order to care for the three patients in the unit.

Dr. Kent Brantly, still isolated in an Atlanta hospital recovering from Eblola, touched the world with a statement of compassion. “I witnessed the horror firsthand, and I can still remember every face and name.” As a Samaritan’s Purse physician mindful of his purpose, he asked for prayer for fellow Ebola-stricken missionary Nancy Whitebol and for himself “that we would be faithful to God’s call…”

Jesus satire

Hey, wait, is it kosher to put Jesus and satire in the same sentence? Kimberly Winston’s latest edition of The ‘Splainer explains how the new Cartoon Network show “Black Jesus” is not the first such irreverent sendup with a spiritual core.

Change the subject, please

Rachel Marie Stone does not, repeat not, want one more list of stuff people can’t say. Language police – and tender listeners – can we get a little grace here?

Culture Wars go south – literally

U.S, evangelicals are encouraging socially conservative pastors in Latin America to be more politically active to combat gay rights activism.


The researchers whose work was widely touted as showing the religious kids can’t tell fact from fairy tale fiction say neither can mass media. Kathleen Corriveau of Boston University and her co-authors straighten out the story: “Religious children are encouraged to think that miracles are possible — and so for them, a story that includes a miracle is not obviously fictional.”


Oops, no linking gambling and sex, says the UK’s official advertising watchdog, banning an ad for a betting firm. It showed Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue clutching a bikini-clad woman in one hand and a champagne bottle in the other. Offensive to Christians? Oh yeah, that, too.

Back to funnyTwible-cover-final

Quick! Where is this line from: “I’m aching, no past, nowhere to hide.” Is it Taylor Swift or the Book of Lamentations?  Blogger Jana Riess, who aced the quiz, has an eye for humor. McSweeney’s may have texted the 10Cs but Riess has the whole Bible on Twitter. Check The Twible.

  • Lles Nats

    Its not “israel and hamas”…its israel plus america and gaza.

    Big difference. And the gaza people have been starved out and drove out, just like isis is doing to the people it has deemed lesser animals. So any photos of gaza where people are being openly murdered via systemic and state sponsored genocide are equal in significance to those coming out of iraq.

    But america says it wants to save one and not the other. Of course america is lying, but why does it not at least attempt to lie about wanting tosave gaza?

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  • I. Kaminow

    Excellent post. You just left out the clarifying explanation that those responsible for the human atrocities are members of Hamas who plant lethal instruments of war in private homes, hospitals, and mosques.

  • Llee Nats

    “Hillary clinton criticizes obama foreign policy, strongly defends israel”

    First off, let me point out headlines concerning israel would not mention “defending” it so much if it were not in the wrong.

    But out comes a former snake of one liberal color, now changing its color as it needs to posture for campaigning. She criticizes harshly a former collegues foreign policy now…and criticizes genocide by isis while at the same time endorses genicide by the jewish state blaming the victim…the ones dying.

    Folks. Bottom line is all you can expect from american government is lies to fit the moment. What we have today ruling over us is not worth continuing. America is the greatest terrorist mob on the planet.

  • Perry

    “Once a state-endorsed narrative of a questionable event has been presented to and conveyed by the mainstream news media, it is almost invariably accepted without question by “Inner Party” members. Such silence is abetted by a mechanical allegiance to prevailing authority figures and institutional power. In possessing such a worldview one reflexively forfeits personal integrity to uphold the collective publicity of the unspeakable and an overarching faith in the given sociopolitical system’s artificial spontaneity. Alternative interpretations of such events by the laity can be dismissed out-of-hand as “conspiracy theories,” thereby further confirming the Party’s creed.”

  • Excellent wrap-up, Cathy. Well-chosen items presented well. Kudos.

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