How Kent Brantly survived Ebola: Intense medical care — and prayer

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Kent Brantly of Samaritanโ€™s Purse, right, gives orders for medication to administer to the Ebola patients through the doorway of the isolation unit in Liberia. Dr. Brantly spent almost four hours in a Tyvek suit in order to care for the three patients in the unit.

Photo courtesy Samaritan's Purse

Kent Brantly of Samaritanโ€™s Purse, right, gives orders for medication to administer to the Ebola patients through the doorway of the isolation unit in Liberia. Dr. Brantly spent almost four hours in a Tyvek suit in order to care for the three patients in the unit.

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(RNS) The hospital performed extensive blood and urine tests on both patients and consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before deciding the two missionaries were ready to be released. Experts have said it's not possible to conclude that Zmapp cured their disease.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, R.N.


  • Fran


    Yes, praise Jah (the shortened name of Jehovah, the name of the only true God; Psalms 83:18, King James Version), the meaning behind the word, hallelujah!!!

    What is even more exciting is the fact that Jehovah’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) of which his son, Christ Jesus, is King, will soon put an end to all human suffering and distress, including ALL sickness and disease, old age and death!! (Revelation 21:1-4) as well as all wicked ones (Psalm 37:10,11).

    What wonderful blessings we humans have to look forward to from God, including the end of p-a-i-n during the upcoming 1,000-yr. rule by his son, Jesus after the end of the great tribulation (Mark 13:19,20) and Armageddon, God’s victory over all his enemies (Revelation 16:14-16)!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Gray

    Yes… Hermes did a great job! (so did all those medical professionals)

  • Mr. Phtagn to you!

    Cthulhu be praised!

    The cyclopean non-euclidean ichor of the Ebola virus was no match for the faith in the great one below the sea in Rlyeh!

  • Larry

    Shouldn’t God also be given the blame for infecting Kent Brantly in the first place?


  • Fran


    No, we can rightfully give the blame to man’s sicknesses and diseases, as well as the imperfection and sin we inherited from our first parents, Adam and Eve.

    As Job 34:10 brings out, “It is unthinkable for the true God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong!”

    Also, James 1:13 says: “When under trial, let no one say, “I am being tried
    by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.”

    Fortunately for us humans, God’s kingdom or heavenly government will soon put an end to ALL sickness and disease, even old age and death (Revelation 21:1-4) during the 1,000-year rule of his son and King, Jesus! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Larry

    So man’s sins are the reason they get sick and die? You are a very disturbing individual. Remind me to keep you away from any children if it can be helped.

  • Fran


    ALL of mankind are sinful and imperfect, whether they are babies, children, teenagers, adults, elderly ones, males or females. I think I covered ALL the bases. We all inherited those terrible traits (sin and imperfection) like I inherited brown eyes from my mom and dad.

    If we were all perfect as Adam and Eve were, BEFORE they sinned against God, they would still be alive and there would not have been any sickness, disease, old age and death. The earth would have comfortably been filled with humans enjoying life and their fellowman to the full for eternity. So blame our first parents.

    Because of the ransom sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus, who died as a perfect man, we will acquire the perfection that was lost through Adam and Eve’s sin by means of that sacrifice. God and his son made a way out of our imperfect state… That is how much they love us, even in our present sinful state! Otherwise, we would just continue to grow old and die until the end of time!!

    Don’t YOU want to live forever on a paradise earth with peace and security, joy, happiness, love and kindness? I want THAT life!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    If you don’t, hey, enjoy this world for ALL that it gives you (civil unrest, war, hate, immorality, violence, corrupt governments, doctors and lawyers, just to name a few) for as long as it lasts!

  • “as she left her isolation unit, she said, โ€œTo God be the glory.โ€ ”

    Glad she’s alive but this is Profoundly immoral.

    1. By her logic, ATHEIST MAX is among the MOST blessed – for I never got sick by Ebola at all! Praise God!

    2. Thanking ‘god’ for surviving Ebola is like writing a love letter to a serial killer who spares you while killing many others!

    3. By her logic GOD SPARED HER because she was special – she had special graces handed to her by god himself! She has declared herself worthy – and especially blessed – as others were slaughtered apparently for their faults.
    How immoral and disgusting is this?

    4. By her logic, God rewarded her for getting MEDICINE AND PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT instead of relying solely on prayers and God’s will – a huge loophole of incoherence!

    The incoherence and depravity of this philosophy of life
    is on full display in this silly woman who survived Ebola.

    “God bless?”
    NONSENSE! Shame on the suckers who buy this garbage.

  • @Sister Geraldine Marie,

    Halleluyah ?
    Yeah – for medicine.
    Note to followers of this story: God acts through MEDICINE. Not prayers!
    Because prayers tend to do nothing.

    Can I hear an Amen?

  • Fran,

    “Donโ€™t YOU want to live forever on a paradise earth with peace and security, joy, happiness, love and kindness? I want THAT life!!”

    Why not wish for an afterlife of ice cream and endless sexual orgasms?
    If wishes come true why stop at spending your eternity with the MONSTER Yawheh and his hit man, Jesus?

    Wishful thinking is what made Mohammed Atta fly a plane into a building – you may have heard of 9/11.

    He has 72 Virgins right now! (And 72 mother’s in law) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fran


    The REAL MONSTER in the universe is Satan the Devil, who brought this mess upon mankind to begin with. He challenged Yahweh’s right to rule over mankind and Satan is the “god” of this wicked world (2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 12:9). Satan knows his time left to deceive more humans, guaranteeing their death, is short (Revelation 12:10). It’s obvious he is working “overtime” these days!

    Mohammed Atta was evidently a follower of Satan, as are all the wicked ones on earth, including terrorists, which are greatly increasing! Atta is still dead, not enjoying any benefits.

    I will continue to love and defend the only true God, Yahweh, and his son, Jesus; while you will probably continue to do the same for your god, Satan.

    Yahweh and Jesus will be vindicated and Yahweh’s name will be sanctified; while Satan and his demons, and all their followers will meet their eternal destruction (Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10) at Yahweh’s hand, the victor against ALL evil! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bidemi Olusola.

    Thank God for His Divine Favour Dr Kent Brantly! God used a young boy that you helped to bless your life, God Divinely arranged your wife and your children out of Liberia when the worse was about to happen to you. What if the four of you have been infected with the deadly virus? God granted you favour in the sight of Emory Univesity Hospital Medical Experts, God did not allow the experimental drugs to devastate your life and it will not, and above all, God used you to unite together members of the body of Christ all over the world and strenghens their faith the more. I pray that God Almighty will use you and Nancy Writebol as a point of contact to safe the life of all other missionaries out there,to heal and find solution to the spread of that dreadful disease. You may not be a ‘hero’ as some people say but you are a hope of glory because Jesus Christ dwells in you. Remain healthy.

  • Art

    To Fran: “The REAL MONSTER in the universe is Satan the Devil”… remember Scripture says God created Lucifer. With that said… Lucifer chose separation from God. Scripture also states that Eve then Adam chose Lucifer’s deception over the truth of God… thus separation. Who brought this mess upon Mankind? Mommy and Daddy! Never was the excuse, “the devil made me do it” even remotely valid. God still respects the free decision process to evil or good… maybe the mirror will reveal a lesser monster… just a thought!

  • Bill

    Fran =Absolutely crackers!

  • Fran


    Just for clarification, the one who became Satan was, when created by Yahweh, a perfect, righteous creature of God and he is a spirit person because he appeared in the heaven in the presence of God (Job, chapters 1 and 2; Revelation 12:9). God would never create something or someone that was wicked or evil, since all his ways are perfect. The name Satan had before this is not given; however, he was given the name Satan, because he became an ADVERSARY to God (what the word “Satan” means), not just “separated from God”.

    Jesus said of Satan: “That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him.” (1 John 3:8; Job 8:44). Beginning with his frst overt act of turning Adam and Eve away from God, he was a manslayer, bringing about the death of Adam and Eve, which brought sin and death to their offspring (Romans 5:12). That perfect spirit creature thus deviated into sin himself and degradation. In reality, he sinned against Yahweh before Adam and Eve did.

    By using a serpent to speak to Eve, the Bible gives Satan the title ‘serpent’, which came to signify ‘deceiver’; he also became the Tempter of God’s son, Jesus, and a liar, and “the father of the lie.” (John 8:44; Revelation 12:9).

    In reality, Satan, when he approached Eve, challenged the rightfulness and righteousness of Yahweh’s sovereignty. He hinted that God was unrightfully witholding something from the woman, declared that God was a liar by saying she would die if she ate the forbidden fruit, and made her feel that she would be free and independent of God, becoming like God. Satan raised himself up higher than God in Eve’s eyes, and Satan became her god, even tho she did not know the identity of the serpent. By his action, Satan brought Adam an Eve under his leadership and control, standing up as a rival god to Yahweh in opposition to him (Genesis 3:1-7). So much more was involved than ‘separating from God.’

    Satan also appeared as a rival god right in heaven before Yahweh, saying that he could turn God’s servant, Job, away from him. Satan charged God with unrighteously giving Job everything, along with full protection, so that he, Satan, could not test Job and show what was really in his heart, which Satan intimated was bad. He implied that Job served God primarily for selfish reasons. Satan made this point of his argument clear when he said, “Skin in behalf of skin, and everything that a man has he will give in behalf of his soul. For a change, thrust out you hand, please, and touch as far as his bone and flesh and see whether he will not curse you to your very face.” (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-7).

    In Job’s case, Yahweh allowed Satan to bring calamity upon Job by not interfering when Satan brought a raid as well as destruction of flocks and shepherds. Satan also brought a raid of 3 bands of Chaldeans, as well as a windstorm. These things caused the death of all of Job’s children and destroyed his property. Finally, Satan inflicted a loathsome disease upon Job himself (Job 1:13-19; 2:7,8). Job’s wife even suggested to him that he curse God and die (Job 2:9), which he did not do, and he proved faithful to Yahweh and proved Satan to be a liar. In addition, Yahweh blessed the end of Job afterward more than his beginning with family and the animals he has lost before (sheep, camels, cattle and asses). (Job 42:12).

    ALL of these things reveal the might and power of the spirit creature, Satan, as well as his VICIOUS, MURDEROUS attitude! It is important to note, though, that Satan reocgnized his impotence in the face of God’s express command, because he did not challenge Yahweh’s power and authority when God restricted him from taking Job’s life (Job 2:6).

    True Christians today want to prove faithful to Yahweh and prove Satan a liar. The apostle Peter gives us this sound counsel today: “Keep your senses, be watchful. Your ADVERSARY, the Devil, walks about like a roaring LION, seeking to DEVOUR someone. But take your stand against him, solid in the faith….” (1 Peter 5:8,9). Again, we can see his VICIOUS personality!

  • David Reilly

    R’amen brother!

  • Janice

    You won’t get an amen from one who has known answered prayers of such amazing magnitude in a lifetime of 70 plus years. He hears and answers: He also meets us where we are. He loves us and knows we often require physical helps that are seen, felt, touched, in other words material, through and by the senses. Could we live without real food? I suppose we could and it has happened for extended lengths of time, by special and miraculous means, but instread he tells us to pray for our daily bread… and work for it if we can. Prayer teaches us we need him. He is the bread of life. The life we have on this earth is temporary, transient. It has a beginning and it has an end. What he has to give is everlasting like a river gushing out of our inner being. He, Jesus, is the source of that kind of life. The Father has given all things into his hands. He says to ask, seek, knock. That is prayer.

  • Janice

    So well said.Praise to the great. King. May He reign forever.