• Karla

    Bible says that many will depart from the faith and not stick to sound
    doctrine. Bad mouthing religion backfired and now we have people
    who don’t know what the Word of God says. Bible says man shall
    perish because of their lack of knowledge and we see it everywhere
    with people not living according to what the Bible says because most
    today don’t read the Bible/only want to talk about gay marriage and/or
    abortion so they don’t have to face their own sin. Bible says that those
    who endure until the end shall be saved and examine yourself to see
    if you are in the faith. We must do our part/Repent/remain in the faith!
    Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk and 1 Corinthians 6:10 says that
    all drunkards go to hell. The wine that Jesus made was new wine/diluted
    and the Bible says don’t get drunk on strong wine so the people who still
    get drunk with/try to justify drinking by only drinking wine are also wrong!
    It doesn’t matter how spiritual people are if they aren’t Biblical they are
    still lost and headed for hell. If you say you love Jesus and then you don’t
    follow the Bible/the religion you are a liar and there is no Truth in you!
    Christians shouldn’t getting drunk,mean,gambling,sleeping around,gossips,
    and livin like the world. People today seem to forget that Jesus said many will
    say to Me Lord,Lord and not enter heaven! We all must Repent then follow!

  • Bryan

    Well, Bible may say all that but Joey Donner wants you to remember that you shouldn’t hit people when they’re shooting an ad for nose spray in the morning. That he doesn’t like people violating his car – that’s no date, friends. That Kat should take her Midol *before class.

    Thus sayeth the Ten Things.

  • Art

    Laura; way to grab that big time “barnburner” of a story. What a non starter – what a freekin waste of time to read it. I still love ya though!

  • The Great God Pan

    Advice to Keegan’s followers: When he wants to relocate down to South America with a large quantity of Kool Aid, don’t go with him.