In Ferguson, Nation of Islam members push for peace

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FERGUSON, Mo. (RNS) The Nation of Islam and other groups -- such as Black Lawyers for Justice -- helped control the crowds and may have protected businesses from looters.

  • Curious

    “Yet, many find the Nation of Islam … problematic.”

    Well, they do teach that white people are literally mutant devils who were created by a renegade black scientist named “Yakub.” They are also considered wacko heretics by the rest of the Muslim world.

  • Frank

    Its good to see at least the black community taking care of their problems themselves. That’s what need to happen if we want to see any progress.

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  • JustMuhammad

    With all of your Vile remarks and accusations you have yet to present a single fact. You can tell who a person is when they open their mouth… your mouth is full of “hearsay” and “conjecture”. if what you have is truth present facts. You sound like someone who was severely hurt and or under appreciated. Don’t use this as you platform for self gratification. Go back to your studies and come correct.

  • Wallace Deen Mohammed’s organization (variously called the World Community of al-Islam in the West, the American Muslim Mission, or the American Society of Muslims) has since 1975 been the main body of native-born negroid Muslims in the United States. Farrakhan’s outfit was an odd minority sect, at times with a membership one-tenth that of W.D. Mohammed’s organization. Farrakhan has been the media’s favorite freak at times (though they deferentially do not reprint his numerological musings), so has gotten much more notice abroad, but he’s not the main dude and never has been. (W.D. Mohammed tossed off the mess about W.D. Fard and weird origins mythology decades ago).

  • Now onto the reality train. The Nation of Islam is not pushing for ‘peace’. They are pushing for attention, for donations, for something to tell themselves they are up to something useful.

  • Garson Abuita

    Glad to see that you find rabid antisemitism “controversial.” /s

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