• Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    When you take up arms against your own country that is usually called treason. And the person who does that is usually called a traitor.
    Funny how neither word made its way into the USA Today story. Is this part of what some people claim is the mainstream media’s fanatic embrace of so-called “diversity” no matter the actions or the circumstances.

  • Was McCain fighting against US forces?

  • Doc Anthony

    “President Obama urged Muslim nations to band together to stop the Islamic State.”

    Yeah right, the Muslim nations are going to mobilize instantly and sacrifice THEIR soldiers and economic budgets in a war against fellow Muslims, merely to keep Barack Obama from getting embarrassed again. Why, SURE they will, baby!

    America, you’re gonna regret that you ever voted for that Barack Obama guy. He does NOT have a clue, and you know it. Soon you gonna eat a fresh plateful of disaster a la mode! Yum!

  • Fran


    People were killing people in their own country, America, during the Civil…excuse me, Uncivil War, that brought much death to Americans.

  • Fran


    I don’t vote for any politician and never will..because I support God’s kingdom or heavenly government as the ONLY hope for meek persons of all nations.

    It is the ONLY government that will soon bring true peace and security, besides putting an end to all the terrible conditions on our home, planet earth, to an end!! 😀

    No politician or human government has a clue as how to fix things, and they never will. They will just remain a corrupt, selfish and greedy means of power that is abused! God’s kingdom will rule with righteousness, love and justice!!! Just imagine that!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Larry

    McCain missed the whole point of foreign jihad. Those things exist so Islamic dictatorships can send their hotheads to die in foreign countries. The point being that if they die in some foreign conflict, they can’t foment revolution at home.

    At least McCain had the good sense to die over there rather than come back and try to blow up fellow Americans. So the upside is, someone who could have ended up as a domestic terrorist, got himself killed in a conflict the US has washed its hands of.

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