• Frank

    Our theology is never more complete in suffering.

  • Larry M

    Our theology is never more incomplete than in horrendous suffering.Concrete love is the only thing that makes it bearable.

  • Frank

    Jesus would differ from you. I’ll stick with Him.

  • Rob
  • Larry M

    Jobs friends tried giving theological answers but they missed the point entirely. When faced with Job’s horrendous sufferings, God gave no answers only questions. Not one person who suffers greatly is looking for a propositional statement to explain their pain. Only the Presence can help. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said…only the suffering God can help….

  • “I had my son tortured and slaughtered for your personal benefit.
    If you don’t believe me I’ll do worse things to you; forever and ever.” – Yahweh

    “Now what was it that thing you were praying for? Cuz I really care.” – Yahweh

  • LOL!

  • @Larry M,

    “love is the only thing that makes it bearable.”
    Of course!

    1. What does love have to do with ‘god’?
    2. Why start with the God who does not love humanity as it is.

  • Doc Anthony

    But don’t discount, dismiss or disrespect the power of the promises found in the Bible to help suffering, hurting people make contact with that Presence.

    Those promises just happen to be propositional statements.

  • Re: “As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said…only the suffering God can help….”

    OK, let’s try this idea on for size. Let’s say a friend of mine gets cut by a kitchen knife. It’s not, therefore, a good idea for me to help him stop the bleeding. No. The best way for me to help would be for me to cut myself, too, so the two of us can bleed all over the place.

    Sorry but I find that principle … well, let’s say it’s “lacking” and leave it at that.

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