• Great God Pan

    So, panelists and attendees at a conference on “religious freedom” were largely in agreement that one of the gravest threats to religious freedom is…people being allowed to speak openly about religion? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    The examples you cite of people who benefit from online anonymity are, of course, exactly the people whom these advocates of “religious freedom” would love to silence for “hate speech.” People questioning their religion or talking about being gay? Anti-religious hate speech! Blasphemy!

  • David

    One of the gravest threats to religious freedom is not people being allowed to speak openly about religion. It is about people not allowing religious people to speak freely about their religion. When people use hateful words to identify other people, that is hate speech.

    People questioning others religion is not the issue. Questions are good. But calling people names because of their beliefs is hate speech.

  • At its core – religion cannot be proved. It is an unprovable belief. Some would argue that religion is simply – wishful fantasy.

    Unfortunately too many tie their religion and culture into a package – and then claim victim hood when criticized.

    Too bad. Get over it. Your fantasies and culture are fair game for introspection and insult.

    The internet’s ability to allow anonymity to commentators is just the fix needed to combat excesses of all types – especially religious zealots.

    And Mohammad was a pedophile. Get over it. It’s in the Haidith.

  • rob

    Religion is all over the world .any one with open eyes can see people worshiping all sorts of gods that’s proof .. it really is that atheism has to be proved.
    there honestly is not any atheists that are dead…you bob smith cant even prove there are atheists that are alive.. yet I can prove people lie

  • rob

    its atheism that can not be proved. Atheism are just people at war with god.

  • Joe

    Which god is that?

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