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  • I. Kaminow

    שבת שלום

  • The Great God Pan

    “That just goes to show, writes Hasan, that ‘what inspires the most lethal terrorists in the world today is not so much the Quran as a thrilling cause and call to action that promises glory and esteem.'”

    That’s certainly a novel conclusion. Would Hasan say that Timothy McVeigh’s possession of a copy of “The Turner Diaries” indicated he was NOT inspired by far-right anti-government ideology?

  • Ned

    The point is that if they had to brush up on their religion with beginner’s books, it probably wasn’t a deep understanding of that religion that led them to join the fight. I’d argue that while leaders of violent movements can be well-versed in theology — so, religion can indeed inspire violence — followers are often not so well-versed, and ignorant of other interpretations.

  • hammar

    Who really cares about Brad Pittless and jolie? Richard Dawkins is really
    whining about his own deformed body more than children with down syndrome and should be more worried about his own deformed little mind. And Lennon’s killer is the only one who got it right, so go figure.