Pentagon: Airstrike kills terror leader in Somalia

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WASHINGTON (RNS) The leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was targeted Monday (Sept. 1) in an airstrike that hit a vehicle and compound in a militant stronghold south of the capital, Mogadishu.

  • Rob

    Christians can realize that Governments are not Godly including the one over us. God established them to punish evil and protect good and we have to respect them. .yet st paul writing about the government
    shows both the citizens and Government sins.. The government pauls says is established for Good.. yet it does not always act in favor of Good should also punish abortion doctors and bad politicians
    instead it supports murder and deception of all kinds and gives them pardon’s while punishing the good .. it supports and defends murder from abortion to unjust wars, Its so well known for bearing false witness against its neighbors
    when it telling the truth no one trust’s it.. yes we have to respect it.. yet we can
    see it has always been lacking in morality or supporting and defending good ..

    the government has done one thing very well .. it has taught us this is not The place
    of righteousness .. we are longing for that home ..

  • Rob

    What a just war is not.. its not just to knowingly think collateral damage will occur to get a bad guy there by killing women and children and numerous other innocent people.. to get him .

    it was not just to bomb innocent civilian population in Germany and Japan

    ANY MORE THAN IT WOULD BE FOR an Islamic nation or Russia or China to Bomb women and children in the united states if they went to war against us.. AND THEN HAVE THEIR GENERALS AND LEADRRS SAY WHEN THEY WON..

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