Jennifer Lawrence may be a victim, but not of the devil

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Jennifer Lawrence, November 2013 | Photo by meckert75 via Flickr (

Photo by meckert75 via Flickr

Jennifer Lawrence, November 2013 | Photo by meckert75 via Flickr (

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A well-known Christian blogger wrote a post assuming a lot about the celebrity victims of the nude photo leaks. That's not what compassion looks like.

  • Linda B.

    Thank you. Mr. Challies’s assumptions that these women (not men) were in relationships outside of marriage bugged me. I’m glad to see you address it.

  • Steve

    Oh how we love to bash white men, right? But what role does race play in your story? Presumption and assignment of motive are equal opportunity characteristics of each of the races. Pretty much unnecessary and fallacious.

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  • Stephanie

    Thanks so much for writing this. Sarah Bessey linked to it today, and I really appreciate your thoughtful views on these crimes. You are also dead-on with your criticisms of Mr. Challies blog post. His arrogance and sanctimoniousness are nothing more than victim-blaming, and hiding it behind a veil of “Christian values” really puts us all to shame.

    We all have our own biases that color our views and opinions. Shaming people for what you think they should have done (or not done) is overstepping the bounds of neighborliness and being a good, kind person.

    Thank you again for writing this.

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  • Joel Weymouth

    If a man and wife as part of their sex life happen to take pictures and such, it is not “wrong”. A husband and wife can basically do what they will in their bedroom. I recall in the past if people embarked on these sexual games- ‘they would put the pictures UNDER LOCK AND KEY in a secure location. Putting these pictures on digital storage is insane. As far as the single men and woman who were “hacked”, it is amazing how little trouble you get into if you do the right thing.