“In Defense of Christians” seeks to protect brethren from Egypt to Iraq

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Andrew Doran, the executive director of In Defense of Christians.

Photo courtesy of In Defense of Christians

Andrew Doran, the executive director of In Defense of Christians.

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(RNS) "In Defense of Christians," a Washington-based group, wants to press the point that Christianity is endangered in the Middle East -- its birthplace -- and that its survival is in the interests of all nations.

  • Grontell7

    I’d be impressed except that this is the same group that booed Ted Cruz off the stage when he said, “tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith … Christians have no greater ally than Israel.”


  • Larry

    In all fairness booing Ted Cruz off a stage normally would just be a matter of principle no matter what he said.

  • Norm

    For all the years the United States had troops in Iraq, which pretty well controlled the country, they seem to have done little or nothing during that time to protect Christians or other none Muslim groups.
    The story of the on going persecution of Christians in the middle east seems to have little or no concern here in America. For a President who states he believes in God (and Jesus Christ), appeasing Muslim groups to keep them out of the fight against us seems more important.

  • Larry

    That is if you completely ignore the support we have given the Kurds and their autonomous regions/militias. The Kurds have been the ones who have taken it upon themselves to protect Iraqi Christians and other minorities by force of arms.

    The Kurds being the only major group in Iraq which entirely supported the US. Owing much of their survival to US imposed no-fly zones and military protection as early as the 1990’s.



  • Bruce

    Someone or some group labeling themselves “Christian” does not mean they have anything to do with our Father Yahweh or His Son Yahushua Messiah. IDC is apparently a front group for islamist and filled with appeasers calling themselves Christian. Please do not blame Yahushua (Jesus) for these people. They do not follow His righteous path. Yahushua is a JEW and ISRAEL is His Land and People. True followers of Yahushua are members of the Kingdom of Israel and Messiah is its King. Therefore, real followers of Yahushua keep the Torah Commandments and love Israel and will die for Israel. Followers of Yahushua Messiah await the return of the Messiah – as the Israelis long for and patiently await His appearance, too. Yahushua loves Jews and will come to rescue them soon. On that day, the Messiah will destroy all of Israel’s enemies and restore all the land to Israel. Read the Hebrew Tanakh, it is all written and now happening. So, make your decision now – are you a friend of Israel and their Messiah or are you an enemy? Everyone will have to choose sides in this conflict. Our choice has eternal ramifications. I am for Israel and their Messiah who I know is Yahushua. Choose wisely!

  • Henry

    Now, how stupid is that? Obama is a failure and nothing more than
    a boy trying to be a man…never going to happen. He couldn’t lead
    a boy scout troop. He is a disgrace for our country and citizens.

  • Larry

    Obamacare alone did more to enhance the lives of fellow Americans than Ted Cruz will ever do. Cruz has nothing of value to show for his role in Congress except to give the false perception that Texans are somehow mentally deficient.

  • Jim Spencer

    Well Larry, I see that you obviously have an IQ similar to Obama, say around 65? And by the way, Obamacare has NOT done anything to enhance the lives of fellow Americans. I have a view of the healthcare system from the inside. Before you start oozing bad information out, you might want to get your facts straight.
    As for Ted Cruz, I’d take ‘five’ of him over 1 ‘Obama’ any day of the week.
    As for we Texans, we may not all be the brightest light-bulbs, but our State has created more jobs than any other State, despite Obama. God Bless You Larry, I hope your light-bulb comes on soon.

  • Larry

    You obviously do not keep current on what is going on.

    Several million people+ with healthcare when they had none before is enhancing their lives. How is that ignorance?

    Texas created more menial jobs and phony state (SOCIALIST!!) positions than any other state. Keeping people below the poverty line or patronage jobs doesn’t really help a lot of people.

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  • alex

    well said

  • mark iden

    Larry, The Kurds are not protecting the region’s indigenous Christians. On the contrary, the Kurds are exploiting the present crisis in northern Iraq to ensure that the Ashur (Assyrian) nation (which has generally fled Dohuk and surrounding areas as the IS jihadis have advanced) does not return.

    The Assyrians now have their own diaspora. Their leaders are seeking to keep those currently displaced and living refugee camps or in churches close to their ancestral homeland. This will make it easier for them to return when peace and stability return.

    The US has leverage on the Kurds and we should be using it to forge a guarantee for the Assyrians that they will have a protected homeland in northern Iraq, free from Kurdish persecution, when they return.

  • mark iden

    The above statement is patently false. Period.

  • c salame

    Hi man, just tell me what century are you living in ? For your education go read the Bible, so you know who the Christians’ Lord is.

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