• Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    One wonders how women in Christian or secular countries would feel about themselves and their body image if they would voluntarily dress a little more modestly.
    I have read a number of articles by Moslem women justifying and endorsing the wearing of Moslem dress as they themselves do. One argument they made was that no wonder there are so many sex crimes in the West with so many women–and even young teens– dressing like streetwalkers.

  • Karen

    It’s really unfortunate that they don’t understand how sexual predators work. It’s not surprising, though, as our whole culture is poorly educated on the subject.

    There is plenty of sexual assault and rape in countries where women’s clothing choices are restricted; in those nations, though, social attitudes to these crimes tend to be even worse than ours. The model of men committing sex crimes because women tempt them has been around throughout periods of great restrictions on women’s clothing, and is really dangerous because it blames women for being attacked rather than looking at how predators actually behave.

    There are some excellent explanations of the study of sex offenders below. You may well find them interesting and wish to share them with those who express the baseless belief that sex crimes are inevitable when women dress in ways you dislike:

    University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center: http://sapac.umich.edu/article/196

    The Characteristics of Persistent Sexual Offenders – A Meta-Study (downloads a pdf): http://www.researchgate.net/publication/7378519_The_characteristics_of_persistent_sexual_offenders_a_meta-analysis_of_recidivism_studies/links/0fcfd50a28fa69864c000000

    Once a Sex Offender, Always a Sex Offender? Maybe not (Scientific American): http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/misunderstood-crimes/

    Layperson’s summary of Univ of Toronto and Univ. of Washington study showing sexual predators carefully select women who are vulnerable and less likely to be believed: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/03/03/285307535/mens-drinking-isnt-the-driver-of-sexual-aggression-in-bars

  • Larry

    Ask ultra-orthodox Jewish women, Mormons and various Christian sects which emphasize women dressing “modestly”, what they think of such things.

    “One argument they made was that no wonder there are so many sex crimes in the West with so many women–and even young teens– dressing like streetwalkers.”

    Their argument is pure canned propaganda. In virtually all of those countries sexual crimes are not reported widely because rape victims are criminalized themselves as “adulterers”.

  • Lauren Markoe

    Thanks, Karen, for taking the time to debunk the “blame the victim” explanation for sex crimes. There are many places in the less developed world where the culture demands modest dress, but also considers rape an excusable crime or a justifiable response to a perceived wrong.

    But one example, from India:

  • opheliart


    I have not visited the links you included, but thank you for bringing awareness to this often very one-sided view on “woman,” which I see has found its home in how so many view the Adam and Eve illustration, and how Mary of Magdala, the Samaritan Woman at the Well and the Martha/Mary story is perceived in the NT. That Jesus was given drink by Photini (Gr OC name for the Well Woman) when he asked, tells much in how one receives the prophet’s share. One might turn the tables and say that “how [man] VIEWS woman is the shortcoming.” Is [man] missing the more strident expression of “what is WOMAN?” She can be viewed as GIFT (as Eve means Life) … but too often those who say they believe in LIFE, and support this, sometimes with a militancy that turns many off, do not review the back story to find out what is necessary to help in abusive situations, because somewhere within them lives this ingrained treaty on self, and how this should be realized. In this, they see only their own ideals.

    At present, I know of a young woman repeatedly abused by her ex husband, and she has children that are in danger because of this. She is vulnerable (having children makes her more so) and the abuser knows this, and knows how to use government agencies and even law enforcement to get what he wants—control. What is infuriating about this case is that the woman has no strength. It seems society itself—the operating machine and mindsets within this often dysfunctional system—work against her at every turn, making it hard for her to make solid and safe choices. And the abuser (and his cohorts) is able to break into her house, beat her up, even using family members, who are as weak and very much a part of the problem, to find out her plans so they can keep tabs on her whereabouts and ambush her, steal her money and cards, and once they even shot her. I’m losing track of how many times she has been attacked. The ex has even impregnated other women, been in jail repeatedly, having murdered someone while in there (claiming self-defense), and he never gets taken off the streets for good, and I mean, FOR good! He produces more of a product he can control, which may be why he is able to slip around and get away with these indecencies. I wonder, can those screaming insults at the women, or accusing her for style of dress (which I agree is sometimes degrading to female) shift focus and find a way to STOP the men who impregnate and abuse?

    Something to think about … away from the eyes of religious mandates.

    Here is a peculiar story: I was on a bus returning to school (many, many years ago) when a man getting off the bus set a bag in my lap which contained two almost identical red tomatoes, and he leaned down and whispered to me, “Pregnancy is a man’s way of enslaving a woman’s body.”



  • opheliart

    On the marriage front (Roman Catholic/Muslim), here is an article I found of interest:



  • opheliart
  • Marina

    My friend from Russia got raped by her roommate while she was unconscious from being drunk. All her friends said it was her fault for she shouldn’t have gotten so drunk. She was a virgin before the incident. The guy was bragging the next morning to everybody about what he has done. I think just because a girl gets stupid and drinks, or wears provocative clothing she does not deserve to be assaulted!