Can hip-hop help Humanism? Monica Miller on African American atheism and white privilege

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Monica Miller. Photo via Miller.

Monica Miller. Photo via Miller.

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Dr. Monica Miller, Professor of Religion and Africana Studies and author of 'Religion and Hip Hop', tells RNS how looking to hip-hop and African American Humanism can improve discussions about race among atheists.

  • Vlad Chituc

    What a fantastic and important interview. I’m disappointed but not surprised that it hasn’t generated more interest.

  • Gary Gibson

    Ummmm. First of all, good article. Second, there is a group of atheist/humanist/freethinking Hip Hop artists (As well as other genres of music). We go by the name of Grand Unified Theory(#GU) .

  • rob

    God wants to destroy atheists by way of faith in Jesus so they wont have to ever die. but live in freedom rather than slavery to sin death and the devil..

  • Rob

    yet hip hop cant help atheists .. you can trust a atheists as far as you can throw
    one.. there evil all the time even when they think there moral . Its only because
    there afraid of cops or others who would report them or phones that will catch them in the act recording it.. They only know how to hate and will go at great Length’s trying to fool others into thinking there Good ..
    some have built children’s hospitals and all sorts of things for personal gains .
    either for there own ego’s or to prove to you their better than you..
    They are evil all the time either in their words thoughts or actions .
    They are the rapists murder’s and thieves ..AND IF THERE WAS NO
    cops or if they were the government they would easly prove it by there actions ..

    in fact when Christians think of pure evil its atheism that there thinking about Atheism thrills Satan who says if your one mission accomplished Satan who wants Christians to reject God and follow atheism .. which in slaves to sin death and the devil..

    oh we hear the atheists claim about how Christians murder rape and steal ..
    that’s simply the old atheist in each person .. a Christian is
    evil and righteous both at the same time yet Ahteists can only be the worst of evil all the time..

  • Jonathan J. Turner

    For clarity, Dr. Miller needs to cite a few examples of hip hop works that effectively express her humanist understandings.

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