Tim Keller’s Redeemer Church and Reformed Theological Seminary to launch NYC campus

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of the most influential evangelical churches in the country, is led by author and speaker Tim Keller. Photo courtesy of Godwell Andrew Chan

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, one of the most influential evangelical churches in the country, is led by author and speaker Tim Keller. Photo courtesy of Godwell Andrew Chan

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NEW YORK (RNS) The partnership fits in with the desire of evangelicals to plant their flag in large cities such as New York.

  • rob

    I ran across this on the different denomination’s and there time line..in history .. I knew about the reformed yet did not realize
    the vast number of denominations including Baptist’s that came from it and when they did in history.


  • York

    I don’t understand. Bruce Waltke resigned from RTS because he expressed support for evolution at a Biologos conference. Doesn’t RTS know that Tim Keller is a huge supporter of Biologos?

    Do they not know that Keller supported for many years, a man named Ron Choong, who taught at Redeemer and who also does not believe in the historicity of Adam and Eve?

  • Brian Oliver

    “Church attendance in New York City is increasing and the number of “born again” Christians is on the rise — now estimated at 32 percent, up from 20 percent in the late 1990s, according to Barna Research.”

    Well, in fact, not ‘now estimated’. The results you link to were from 2010.

  • Henry Woo

    To avoid confusion: Tim Keller holds to the historical Adam. You may be right that Ron Choong does not. Ron taught an adult Sunday school class among dozens of others, his views on Adam do not necessarily reflect Tim Keller’s or Redeemer’s.

  • Beno

    Anti torah lawless monkeys alert

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  • Larry

    “Do they not know that Keller supported for many years, a man named Ron Choong, who taught at Redeemer and who also does not believe in the historicity of Adam and Eve?”

    So you are saying he is someone who doesn’t spout off nonsense to shoehorn Genesis metaphor and parable into objectively credible observed facts. Good to know.

  • John mcGrath

    The church’s experience in NYC, when it begins to be involved in ecumenical activity, will eventually liberaize the church, at least so far as abandoning the Bible as a science textbook and a trustworthy account of pre-history.

  • Robert Hall

    I’m not criticizing the move but I am curious as to why Redeemer decided to partner with RTS in Mississippi and not WTS in Philadelphia.

  • Christopher Raynor

    Tim Keller does support biologist thought and does not hold to the same literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation.

  • Christopher Raynor

    Biologos…auto correct.

  • Christopher Raynor

    In regards to the comments that Ligon Duncan made about seminarian students not relocating to seminaries and his criticism of distance learning programs, I hope that under his leadership RTS is not making concessions for growth.

  • charles hoffman

    new york needs another school of theology like it needs more traffic

  • w. aardsma

    well, if Union and New Brunswick were to, say, close their doors and get out of the way……

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  • mark

    Robert, the goal of RTS is to train winsomely reformed pastor-scholars. I can’t speak to the Ethos of WTS but it is more known for its emphasis on the scholar side. The vision of RTS might align closer than WTS. Also, RTS has the premiere distance education program among evangelical seminaries (3 fully online accredited degrees).

  • Lamar Carnes

    Tim Keller is a major force in New Calvinism. His views are widely propagated through The Gospel Coalition, the Redeemer Network, the Proclamation Trust in the U.K., and conferences around the world. While he has a reputation for being a sound Protestant Christian leader, the reality is that he is far from the principles of the reformed faith in many ways. He employs a pseudo-intellectual, philosophical approach to propagate Christian teaching. He extends the great commission to include the unauthorized task of global social restoration. He extends the definition of the church to include those who do not subscribe to the exclusive, soul-saving, efficacy of the Gospel, evangelically understood. He promotes the doctrine of theistic evolution. He seeks to contextualize the Gospel to make it culturally acceptable, meaning, in practical terms, that worldly, carnal, entertainment based evangelism and worship is acceptable. (Other words pragmatism is king) He is an archetypical New Calvinist, who has in practice moved far from the beliefs and practices of the Reformation. – (Taken from the New Calvinist by E.S. Williams).
    I agree 100% with this author about Tim Keller. His position is totally opposite of the great Reformers such as Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Martin Luther, and others! His pragmatism and following the neo-Marxist philosophy along with Liberation theology and favoring many Roman Catholic. For the life of me I can’t understand the PCA allowing this man to be affiliated with their movement. I am embarrassed and disappointed to say the least. I will no longer endorse the PCA movement at all. Their lack of Church Discipline on this case is a black mark against their entire movement! And, it is all about popularity and money!!! Not about the faithfulness to the word of God at all!! Shame on them!

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  • Toni Brown

    To anyone supporting Tim Keller:

    I was involved in a church plant where I heard many troubling, unbiblical ideas form the pastor and his wife- I noticed that they were constantly quoting a guy named Tim Keller and they heavily recommended all of his books. As the troubling teachings continued I decided to research Keller to see if this was the source of their false ideas…BINGO! After 150+ hours of reading and listening to Keller I was stunned- he is an extremely dangerous false teacher but he is far different than the average wolf in that he is so effective at presenting himself as a Bible believer…”just like us”. He does this in an effort to win us over, all the while undermining the Bible at every turn and planting his false ideas as he goes. Understand this, Keller is not interested in standing on a stage to debate a Bible believer- he wants to infiltrate and change the way we think so as to advance a very progressive political agenda that involves income redistribution, population control, radical environmentalism etc…And his political agenda is not the worst of it…his theology is a travesty; theistic evolution, social justice, Jesus the social revolutionary, an un-offensive gospel that virtually eliminates God’s law, a church that caters to unbelievers, heavily recommends mystical practices of the catholic mystics etc…The sad truth is that the average “professing” Christian is too biblically ignorant to know they are being led further and further from Truth.

  • Andrew Nelson

    No, that’s not true if you have ever heard Dr. Keller preach on the subject. He holds to the inerrant word of God and that the creation story is literal, however he makes room for the possibility that God took more than 7 literal english-translation-interpreted “days” to do so. There is plenty of room for debate on the Hebrew word “Yom” in Genesis which can mean day, or period of time, or even epoch. Tim has never aligned himself with biologos and I share his view that God’s creation “evolves” (not in the Darwinian meaning) as part of His design…but within the scope that He has set…man has always been man since Adam…never an ape and never primordial ooze.