Will Catholic bishops annul Pope Francis’ marriage reform initiative?

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Pope Francis officiated at the weddings of 20 couples at St. Peter’s Basilica in September 2014. Religion News Service photo by Cathleen Falsani

Pope Francis officiated at the weddings of 20 couples at St. Peter’s Basilica in September 2014. Religion News Service photo by Cathleen Falsani

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) A bitter clash emerged among cardinals over the church’s approach to marriage, divorce and remarriage, with Pope Francis favoring a way to make it easier for Catholics to seek annulments.

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  • rob

    annulments most of them are stupid .. especialy when every one knows you were married .. and are they fair to children ? look up what children are called when the parents are not married..

  • Helen Michel

    You are so wrong. I got an annulment. I was arrived 20 years 2 children divorced 15 years. It was well worth the money tome and effort my friends who filled out the 16 page questionair. It took a lot to
    Get me back and not feel like an outsider and failure.

  • cb

    To allow a church that supports and protects child abusers and rapists to tell you how and what to think about YOUR marriage is a church filled with hypocrisy and so out of touch. Ridiculous [expletive deleted].

  • ‘Protects’ them from what?

  • The Pope opened this can of worms quite gratuitously and it is difficult to see how a salutary outcome could possibly be had from this.

  • opheliart


    I know of someone who got an annulment, and because he was a student, and had NO MONEY, he got nothing else. He has suffered for years. No healing for him inside the Roman Catholic Church!

    Would you say the Roman Catholic Church operates much like the world it tries to control?

    Peace to you, Helen …

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  • Maria

    If you are not Catholic, why do you comment? Why don’t you focus on “churches” made in USA, with multimillonaires pastors who live in opulence, in $5 million mansions, private airplanes, the corrupt megachurches and some pastors caught out with prostitutes. Of, course, because the Catholic Church isn’t made in USA, and the center of Catholicism is Rome amd not Washington, and american can’t do anything about it, always coming with the same crap of the child abusers over and over ad nauseaum. Could you be a little more original on your attack to the Catholic Church, because is boooring , it’s like you have nothing else to say . The Catholuc Church has been around for more than 1500 years and survived schisms and Reform through the centuries and will be around for long time, stronger,
    Why don’t you attack the mormons and their poligamy? Or the Jehova Witnesses and their refusal of receive blood transfusion that cause the death of children? Or what about those american “pastors” who support the invasion of a sovereign nation for the sole reason of steal oil? There were not children dead on those attacks during the invasion? Remember David Koresh and the Davidians (another american sect ) that he said he was Jesus and how was his end and 90 more people?
    So, if you don’t like the Catholic Church, nobody is forcing to become a Catholic : “If anyone of you is without sin, let him/her be the first to throw a stone”.

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  • Larry

    Its only stupid because it promotes dishonesty in an effort to just getting divorced like sane people. The blanket ban on divorce in of itself is a stupidity which creates such situations.

    Marriage is not a goal and like everything else in the world, is only as good as the materials it comes from. The divorce ban is a great enabler to spousal abuse, adultery, and general misery for a family. Some marriages should end or have to end.

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  • Raphaela

    Well said Maria! I too am SO completely bored of the same old finger pointing at the RC church where child sex abuse is concerned. Of course I’m not condoning the actions of those who have participated in such heinous and vile crimes. They should be punished accordingly, but the facts are amongst all the religions, the RC Church actually has the lowest rate of child abuse amongst its members at 0.4% Ok it shouldn’t even be 0.4% but that percentage is fact. Priests don’t make paedophiles, paedophiles make priests!
    The aim of a paedophile is to put themselves in positions where they have access to children, therefore schools, churches, social working environments are easy targets for these vile people.
    In the world of Judaism alone, news reports of child abuse are so numerous that the admirably tenacious and prolific writer Shmarya Rosenberg, who runs the Failed Messiah blog, has a hard time keeping up!
    The number of Muslims in the U.S. for e.g. is only around three million. In majority-Muslim countries, sex taboos are so pervasive that I’m willing to bet that most abuse cases, if they come to light at all, are never reported in the media. Plus, remember that we’re talking about a religion whose prophet bedded a nine-year-old girl.
    I’m always amazed at the non-religious who come on these sites preaching how bad the RC church is, with their so called knowledge.
    It’s like me lecturing a physicist on the laws of gravity – how can I if I haven’t at least studied the subject or know anything about its actual laws?
    The RC church has Canon Law; I suggest all those who constantly pull the RC church down at least have a read through – maybe you’ll understand a little. Then come and give your comments once you’ve familiarised yourself with a little knowledge.

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