• The short beard litigation should have been prevented with some common sense by prison officials. This nonsense ties up nine justices plus 18 clerks plus other support staff for many hours without resolving a serious question. I see no difference between wearing a beard or a yarmulke.

    Similarly, Gilbert, AZ should have been able to come to some reasonable comromise with the church by adjusting the time limitation. This is another frivolous waste of time.

    However, the kid born in Jerusalem presents and interesting case with few options, other than the Court, for settlement. Meanwhile, I would prefer that our Justices devote their precious time to more important issues like same-sex marriage.

  • samuel Johnston

    Same sex marriage has tied up way too much of everybody’s time already. It affects less than a double digit percentage number of the population. The legal implications will go on for many, many years, as marriage status affects almost every aspect of legal life. Those with religious objections are unreasonable, because nobody is asking them to participate. Those homosexuals who push for every dot and tittle of equality are unreasonable because nature has in fact made them different, and there is no legal remedy. I wish civil unions had been adopted as an interim measure (while the legal ramifications were calmly considered), but the “God has spoken” crowd has forced it to be an all or nothing battle, so here we are, wasting our time and energy when much more important issues to the body politic like war and peace, the economic decline of the middle classes, and the condition and vulnerability of our infrastructure get slight attention, and the most important task of all, preparing our young people to succeed in their lives is hardly given any serious thought at all. Despite great expenditure, our educational system fails to deliver, especially to the most needy.

  • Aunt Raven

    Despite the late rulings on the non-Status of Jerusalem, by Presidents Bush and Obama the fact that prior to Bush’s pronouncement a precedent had been set such that a person born in Jerusalem could be, by request, designated to have been born in Israel.
    The law proceeds by precedent, and politically-correct “johnny-come-lately chief executives” can’t change history. The Supreme Court has good grounds for maintaining the precedent if it wants to. The court might show even handedness and non-discrimination by ruling that a Palestinian born in Jerusalem could request and be granted the designation of having been born in Palestine.

  • By “more important issues like same-sex marriage, I assume you mean the fundamental right of every person to marry the person he/she loves, regardless of gender. If that is the case, then I agree with you!

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