• “We don’t have a great track record
    on many of the issues we’re supposed to care about most, on issues of justice and inclusion and care for the poor.”

    I disagree.

    1. justice – Christianity destroys justice: God sends sinners to infinite Hell for a finite crime. That is not justice, it is gross injustice.

    2. inclusion – Christianity has no interest in ‘inclusion.’ You are fooling yourself if you think so:
    “they are pigs!” – JESUS (Matthew 7:6)
    “have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed.” (2 Thessalonian 3:14)

    3. care for the poor – Wrong again. Christianity loves poverty, not ‘the poor’. Nothing has contributed to poverty more than Christianity: “The meek shall inherit the earth” is one of the most immoral things ever preached. The Christian subjugation of women remains the single highest indicator of poverty in the world today. Monarchies throughout history are poverty-making examples of the Biblical model; the ‘top down’ idea of rule which leads to totalitarianism, theocracies and financial ruin.

    Christians have been had a very high success rate
    and they are following that creed with no problem. Look at the Republican Christian Right Wing – as fascist as it can be.

    Look around you. Christianity is a sinister creed.

  • It is easier to position myself above them and not associate with them than to say that people whose actions I do not like are also my brother and my sister.

    Mmmm. Well, people who use their belief systems to harm an assortment of people I’m a part of (e.g. non-Christians, queer people, women) are decidedly not on my “brother/sister/sibling” list. I’ll try not to dehumanize them, but their opposition to my well being is noted and I’ll hold them at the necessary social distance (which is wide and far) to maintain my sanity. No guilt. No regrets. I’ll happily do what is necessary to separate myself from their toxicity.

    Btw, could this Harry Potter re-write be a Poe? It sounds so ridiculous that I wonder.

  • Not an Atheist Josh


    Your statements are remarkably ignorant for one who states all his opinions as facts. Laura’s article is right on and your commentary has barely anything to do with her statements. Moreover, you are simply wrong. You quote the bible out of context and without the least bit of understanding for what you are quoting.

    I honestly don’t really expect much more than that from someone who has clearly decided to hate Christians and Christianity, in spite of the fact that we don’t hate you. There are probably some that do, but I will honestly say I don’t. I have friends that are atheist and we get a beer and occasionally talk religion.

    I would suggest that if you truly want to claim and open mind, the. You should put your clear anger aside and make friends with some Christians. Ask them about their faith and try to learn some things. You might be surprised by what you find when you let go of all your preconceptions.

  • @Not an Atheist Josh,

    “….let go of all your preconceptions.”

    Oh, MY preconceptions ??

    I was a devout Catholic for 44 years. Said the Rosary most every night.
    I taught Sunday school for 3 years and baptized and raised my children as Christians. Our priest came to our house for dinner once a month. We said grace at every meal.

    Your comments reveal profound, inexcusable ignorance about us Atheists.

    The vast majority of all Atheists were once Christian.
    The VAST majority of Atheists went to church for years
    and most of us loved our parishes. We loved many of the people we knew at Church. Some of us miss the social life we once had.

    But honesty is more important to some of us.
    Atheists are non-believers. We do not believe in a god.

    But some of us – such as myself – go further.
    We have learned that the religion we believed in is not only untrue, but it is disgusting.

    To look back and see the mortal threats of Jesus, the fear mongering about open questioning and the worship of a killer God – is, in hindsight – one of the ugliest experiences of my life.

    If God exists he cannot be this god. I have no reason to believe in any gods but the Abrahamic religions can only be fraudulent.

    Your preconceptions about Atheists were put there by preachers and your parents – I know because I was your sort of Christian once.
    And it only makes Christianity look more disgusting.

  • Cathy Wynn

    Atheist Max,
    As an Atheist myself, your comment made me tear up. Sometimes you say the most perfect things. The gross misunderstanding that regular people have about us is off the walls. Religious people are programmed to not think for themselves.

  • Jim

    Thank You, ATHEIST MAX!
    Your words are not falling on deaf ears. Another atheist here.

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  • Religion is pretend

    Max, you are so right.

  • Gordon Geise

    Grace Ann Parsons anagrams to “Pagan narc sensor”.

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