Catholic bishop in England resigns over affair with woman, calls decision ‘liberating’

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Bishop Kieran Conry during a confirmation event at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Epsom, Surrey in 2007.

Photo courtesy of Fruppence at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

Bishop Kieran Conry during a confirmation event at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Epsom, Surrey in 2007.

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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) "In some respects I feel very calm," said Kieran Conry. "It is liberating. It is a relief." But it may not be the end of the matter for the former Roman Catholic leader.

  • Jennifer P

    I am sorry for the woman whose marriage the bishop destroyed. May the Lord bless her, heal her, and keep her.

    I understand that and accept that the bishop has ‘come clean’. There is relief when you own up to your sins and take steps to repair the damage you did.

    Prayers for all involved.

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  • Fran

    It appears he only came clean when he knew he was going to be exposed for his deeds (the day before the tabloid came out). As Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruit” (Matthew. 7:20).

    False religion is definitely being exposed for what it truly is in the last days of this wicked era.

  • Excellent story.

    So ….the priest MUST BE OUTED before he confesses? That is the sad part. The lying would have continued.

    These priests are like many other people – they have girls (or guys)
    on the side and they live a total lie
    because there is a paycheck coming on the weekend!

    Of course it is liberating to be honest.
    Priests – LIBERATE the rest of us and stop lying to your parishes.
    Quit! You know it is nonsense. And you are missing out on a normal life.

  • gilhcan

    When is the Catholic Church going to wake up and abolish the insane, unnatural, sin-crime-causing requirement of chastity for ordination.

    It is unnatural and obviously harmful to self and dangerous to others for anyone to even consider celibacy and/or the implied chastity except of their own volition.

    The reason celibacy was instituted has absolutely nothing to do with anything spiritual, none of the false reasons attempted by church leaders or members to justify it today. In the eleventh century, a very different time, Dark Age, it was instituted as a canon purely for property purposes when marriage, inheritance, primogeniture were very different.

    Passing up healthy sex, the sixth sense, is unnatural, unhealthy, and as dangerous as passing over the sources of satisfying any of the other five senses whose healthy satisfaction are needed to survive. The human race needs to survive without hidden pedophiles and ephebophiles..

    Instead of making changes to make the clerical and religious life healthy by letting go of sexual mandates and leaving sexual choices up to individual members, including clergy and religious, the church continues in its deceits, its harm to its members by other members, its cover-up of the impossible workings of the madness of celibacy and unwanted chastity in order to be a member of the church in any position, from sitting in a pew to sitting on the so-called Throne of St. Peter.

  • gilhcan

    And don’t leave out the medical insurance and retirement plans. We would be shocked to learn the truth about the faith lives as well as the sex lives of all the clergy. Some of it hidden and good. Some of it, as we have learned for thousands of years, really sick and harmful to others–like pedophilia.

    Attempting to follow celibacy with its implied chastity is a contradiction of the sixth sense of humans–as well as other animals.

    A healthy sex life is like a healthy eating life–or any of the other senses. You don’t overeat. You avoid harmful intake. Sex is normal. Sex can be good. Sex, among all those other good things, continues the human race.

  • gilhcan

    No reasonable grounds for any legal action against former Bishop Conry. His mistresses were of age and obviously fully agreeable to their action. Husbands in such cases of bad relationships, bad marriages, would only be looking to make money out of a relationship in which they had to be part of the problem.

    Cases of this sort should also force the Catholic Church to take a very hard look at its harmful position toward divorce, remarriage, and continuing to be a good Catholic.

    What is more evident among individuals or groups, even groups as large as nations and international religions, than that relationships can turn bad for all kinds of reasons? At such times, the only sensible thing is to make adjustments for the good of all. For married people, divorce is one of those adjustments. For Catholic clergy, the abolition of required celibacy is an obvious absolute.

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  • JM

    Do you do anything but troll this site?

  • There once was a bishop from Brighton,
    Who felt like a sexual Titan,
    He was hung like a horse,
    But was celibate, of course,
    And all of the girls he did frighten!

  • I am sorry for the woman whose marriage the bishop destroyed.

    I’d say he had some help in that task. You might save your sympathies for the rest of the family.

  • The Mail on Sunday featured a photo of Conry in an open-neck shirt and slacks carrying a shopping bag next to a woman with shoulder-length blond hair. Her face was blanked out by the editor for legal reasons.

    That he was shlepping about in a public place off duty in something other than clericals should have alerted his secretary or housemates that something was amiss.

  • Correction: he was consecrated in 2001, not 2011. What does a 57 year old sitting bishop think he’s doing with this?

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