• opheliart

    “A National Football League referee penalized a Muslim player for praying post-touchdown after looking the other way when Christians do the same. The NFL apologized for the botched call.”

    How about Wes Welker while playing for the NE Patriots? He made snow angels after a touchdown and got fined $10,000! Atheist Max would have them both thrown out of the game 🙂


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  • @Opheliart,

    “Atheist Max would have them both thrown out of the game”

    Wrong again.

    I would fire the referee and try to punish him further
    by forcing him to pay a stiff fine. It is outrageous that anyone in this country thinks they have the right to stop any individual from praying anywhere. That is dictatorial, theocratic nonsense.

    The referee had no right to stop anyone from praying.

    Though I think prayer is stupid and pointless, my opinion does not – AND SHOULD NOT – hold any weight in the matter. My opinion of prayer is not more important than a person’s right to their religious freedom.

    My objection is when the public forces on others like myself a “community prayer”. That is equally outrageous.

    ‘God’ is a disgusting, inhuman, terrible idea to me.
    and being forced to agree to worship this killer of humanity is deeply offensive – and YOUR OPINION about my disgust does not, and should not, hold any weight on the matter.

    My rights are superior to your opinion
    in the same way YOUR rights are superior to my opinion.

    At public events, public meetings or public property – keep your God
    out of my face!

    But pray by yourself – by all means! I will always defend your right to that!

    Educate yourself about Atheism and the Separation of Church and State.
    I’m getting exhausted re-explaining it every day.

  • opheliart

    “The referee had no right to stop anyone from praying.”

    Then stop trying to be referee on these threads. Oh, wait, I nearly forgot … you think to pray is “to beg.” Did you think the people sharing belief on here are begging you for your all knowing expertise, or even your slap in the face … over and over and over again … How very patriarchal of you, Dictator Max 🙂


  • @Ophelia,

    You make claims you don’t support – like many of the religious people who get into these news stories at RNS: “God is Spirit” and such.

    You don’t like that I asked you questions you apparently can’t answer.
    And instead of saying “I don’t know why I believe these things” which would be a perfectly fine point of discussion, you instead say I am “cutting off the breathing of the children” or some such(?).

    Religion News Service is full of religious stories of people who have created nightmares because of superstition and cultural habits (Kissing Corpses in Africa during the Ebola epidemic, for example).

    If you make a claim about some sort of superstitious “god is spirit” sort of thing – expect someone to ask you why you believe it. If you don’t have an answer by definition it is a belief which ‘makes no sense’.

    Think about why you believe these claims and get back to me. Okay?
    I have the right to call your beliefs ridiculous if you don’t have any reasons to believe them.

  • Idiot4u2notc

    Try getting a life away from the internet, a site as you would say is pointless, as are your comments and points then?? Just saying haha

  • Larry

    The satanist children’s activity book is absolutely adorable