• Larry

    The Amis book sounds interesting. I can see why French and German publishers wouldn’t touch it. Its much easier to handle evil as something to be hated and despised than something to be ridiculed and personally identified with.

  • John McGrath

    Religious Liberty vs Women’s Liberty. Which side are you on?

  • Larry

    Wrong question.

    Religious liberty ends where it attacks the personal liberties of others. (Unless you are a closely held corporation, according to the Supreme Court)

    Think of it this way, religious freedom does not give you a right to commit human sacrifice. 🙂

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  • Mark

    Did you mean Eid mubarak?

  • Yonat Shimron

    Whoops! Just fixed. Thanks for reading carefully.

  • Greg

    “violated a campus policy banning events that advocate for positions contrary to Catholic teaching. That position, I suppose, would equal rights for gays?” The stated reason is the event advocates for the homosexual lifestyle, as opposed to supporting the dignity of people who happen to be gay. That may leave too much discretion to CUA authorities to ban something they don’t like, but it’s far from your comical interpretation.