Justice Roberts asks if the case of the Muslim prisoner’s beard is too easy

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John G. Roberts Jr., chief justice of the United States of America.

Photo courtesy of By Steve Petteway [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

John G. Roberts Jr., chief justice of the United States of America.

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(RNS) In the first religion case of the Supreme Court season, a Muslim prisoner asks for the right to grow a very short beard.

  • I think there’s a fair chance this will be decided earlier than next spring. Typically the first (non-per curiam) decision of a term comes down in December or so, in an easy case not requiring too much work to address. This is an easy case as far as the outcome goes, as I think the tenor of the questions at oral argument indicated. The reasoning is equally easy, except for the confounding factor of deciding how “deference” factors into the analysis (if it does come into play). I could easily see this coming down late this year or early next year, very likely before spring.

  • rob

    The guy he wants to be like is dead and even he cant grow a beard no more.. yes there are even a bunch of rules one cant break
    when dead..
    perhaps all these religious groups that got involved could explain that to him..

  • rob

    oh there is one exception,, Jesus since he made the rules for being dead only he had the right to break them ..
    just one of the perks of being the true God..

  • rob

    I KNOW totally unfair of Jesus just another case of the bosses kid getting away WITH EVERY THING .. Does not follow any of the rules .. would not even stay in his grave like all the other religions top guy ..but their is nothing you can do about it , He is the boss’s kid..

  • The Great God Pan

    Just let him grow his beard so he can move on to the next nuisance lawsuit. He’s got a life sentence to serve and a whole world full of religions to appropriate. My money is on a conversion to Hare Krishna and a demand to be outfitted with saffron robes.