Atheism and social justice: Sikivu Hutchinson on the first People of Color Beyond Faith conference

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Sikivu Hutchinson; photo courtesy Hutchinson.

Sikivu Hutchinson; photo courtesy Hutchinson.

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"Despite frequent tokenistic calls for 'diversity' within the 'movement,' there are virtually no people of color in executive management positions in any of the major secular, atheist, or Humanist organizations." Author and activist Sikivu Hutchinson tells RNS how a new conference is working to change that.

  • That’s why this “upper class, heterosexual, cisgender white m[a]n” is really looking forward to attending this conference this weekend: to learn more about how our organization, Sunday Assembly, can move beyond token nods to diversity.

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  • socialjusticeNOW!

    “Atheism is the highest level of white privilege. It’s like having a black belt in white privilege.” — W. Kamau Bell

    Atheism and social justice are simply incompatible. Social justice can only be achieved by POF (people of faith). Atheism is the prerogative of bearded white libertarian cis-men in fedoras.

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  • Tim Underwood

    Some of us never think about our whiteness. We do think about superstition based gangs though. What I know to be the major wall between myself and what could be classed as colored, but very divers, ethnic grouping is usually their lack of appreciation for exclusively natural mindsets.
    White men, like myself, come from backgrounds that endured centuries of active skepticisms.
    A lot of colored men are green-horns when it comes to skepticism.
    In time more colored people will embrace wholly naturalistic views.

  • KC

    This reads to me like the goal isn’t to make organized atheism more diverse but rather to make organized atheism more social justice oriented. Nothing wrong with that but they are two different goals that are blurred together from time to time. Good luck with that.

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  • Kresster

    Many white men like yourself make uninformed, inaccurate assumptions about other peoples’ histories and post them in blog messages. Many white men like yourself ignore your own history of religious and superstitious atrocities, yet claim other groups are primitive. Many white men like yourself always try to find a way to define their own existence as superior. In time many white men will embrace wholly naturalistic and anti-racist views.