Ebola outbreak: How you can help

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A sign warns visitors that area is a Ebola infected in Congo, Africa.

Photo courtesy of Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock.com

A sign warns visitors that area is a Ebola infected in Congo, Africa.

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(RNS) How can you help? The following is a list of organizations responding to the Ebola outbreak on the ground. All of the charities listed have received three- and four-star ratings from Charity Navigator.

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    the following is from http://www.lifeissues.org/UNICEF/unicef.htm

    Some of UNICEF’s most explicit advocacy for abortion rights has come through its involvement in worldwide maternal health campaigns. In 1987, UNICEF joined the Safe Motherhood Initiative (SMI), which was launched at a conference in Nairobi, Kenya. According to its website, the “Safe Motherhood Initiative is a worldwide effort that aims to reduce the number of deaths and illnesses associated with pregnancy and childbirth.” However, it became clear from its earliest moments that participants would not shy away from controversy, including controversy surrounding abortion. And perhaps this should come as no surprise, since participants include the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as well as a number of other abortion-providers and abortion-promoters, such as the Population Council (which holds a patent on the abortion drug RU-486). UNFPA is also prominent in the Safe Motherhood Initiative.

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    perhaps we can help by asking the question how come two of Grahams buddy’s got . some special medicine .. ALL GONE NOW THEY SAY .. t like a lot of people wonder if they might find some in a drawer though,, If the president or his family or some other ” Important people” got sick. .in stead of one of us not worth it folks..