• Greta McCarthy

    The best Round Up! Our book was “Ten Little Puppy Dogs” and I can still quote all 10 pages. Keep it up Kevin.

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  • Doc Anthony

    Maybe things aren’t quite as simple as the LGBT Activists try to sell to the public.
    Maybe some folks out there.want more than “Once LGBT, Always LGBT.”

  • Larry


    Since this is a hypothetical situation in the mind of Russell Moore (you would have known that if you read closely or clicked the link), as opposed to something actually happening, your comment is apropos of nothing.

  • Danny Green is an imbecile. Highly offensive to say the least.

    As for transgender people, there are some switch-backs. With proper pre-surgical counseling they might have been eliminated from reassignment surgery in the first place.

  • Since when is “clusterf**k” suitable language for 2-year-olds?

  • Loren Haas

    Since when can 2-year olds read?
    If yours can, congratulations. Now send them outside to play.

  • Perry

    “I’ve never heard of a transgender person who wants to go backwards; most just want to be accepted as they are.”

    I once had a job where a co-worker was transitioning from male to female and wanted to be considered and treated as female. A year or so later, after I had left that job, I met him again and he had stopped the transition (no surgery had occurred) and was presenting as a male again. I did not know him well enough to ask about it, but I assume the pre-surgery counselling process may have played a role, as you suggest David.

  • Larry

    Ever since they put the ** between the “f” and “k” 🙂

  • Tiffany McCallen

    Epic roundup, Kevin!