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  • Oscar

    Yes, a Royal Commission of Inquiry is the highest level of inquiry possible in Australia and New Zealand. Hearings are often in public and the media reports warts and all.

    Originally the Inquiry was only going to look into child abuse committed within the Catholic Church, but was widened to include all Religious groups/institutions, when members of the public presented evidence of historical offences committed by non Catholic groups.

    The inquiry has the power to call before it whoever it wishes. What will be interesting is when at least one U.S. based missionary organisation has it’s offending on Australian soil exposed.
    Paedophiles have for many decades roamed internationally. The Australian Inquiry is a good step in the direction of exposing how big and widespread this scandal is.

  • The Great God Pan

    When the sinner is a Christian, his sins are between him and God. There is no reason to get the law involved when a Christian commits a sin. Kudos to Brian for respecting his father’s relationship with the Lord.

    Athiests are another matter. They don’t answer to God the Highest Power, so they are what we have a seculer justice system for.

  • Oscar

    So let’s get this straight. Is what you are saying that a Christian can commit any sin they like and there is no accountability on earth because it is a matter between the Christian and their God, but Athiests are fully accountable to the law of the land, because the law was made exclusively for them?

    So where does that leave other faiths, who say believe in multiple deities and what about Agnostics, do they have a reprieve from their crimes on the weekends?

    Or is this a whole wind up to get some conversation going?

  • Sharda

    Sooooo sad to hear this.
    The Bible says in Psalm 34 ‘those who look to The Lord are radiant and their faces are not cover in shame’.
    Let’s not judge God is Faithful and a healer. My prayer for those involved that they would find peace in God and forgive. So sorry for them, may God Almighty restore them and bless them. In Jesus’ Matchless Name Amen.

  • Oscar

    Alas the matter of forgiveness is not as simple as granting it and all living happily ever after.

    The wolves in sheeps clothing who use the church and religious organisations as cover to prey on innocent children are criminals. They are often well protected by organisations that do not want their income and reputation damaged, so engage in protecting offenders.
    There is often little compassion for victims of these predators, they are seen as an inconvenience.

    What many victims wish to see is sexual predators out of society and safely in place where they cannot prey on other children and repay their debt to society. When this is done and there is true repentance, the subject of forgiveness is more appropriately raised, but it remains at the discretion of the victim, not the offender and their protectors.

    Also consider that many victims of predators no longer believe in God, that has been knocked out of them.

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