• Tiffany McCallen

    Congrats to the lovely Malala!

  • Love this little girl. I weep to see her eyes.
    She is such an inspiration.

    The poor child is marked for death by the religious.
    May she live to be 120.
    And may these religions of the world which threatens her life die long before her.

  • Neon Genesis

    She’s 17 years old, hardly a little girl. And you are aware she’s a devout Muslim herself, right?

  • She was 15 when she was shot.
    She is a little girl.

    I am aware that she is Muslim. You think Atheists can’t admire Muslims?
    And I don’t know what ‘devout’ Muslim means
    if the Taliban don’t think she is ‘devout’ enough for them!

    She is not an Atheist. But she is brave and she wants an education. Those are exactly the sort who become Atheist later.

  • Oscar

    So what if she is a Muslim? Muslim children are abused by radical Muslims, just as Christian children are abused by radical Christians e.t.c. All children are entitled to be loved and cared for, no matter what their faith or religion.

    Alas I think the children of the world will be stuck with devout religious influences to confuse their innocent worlds for generations to come, pity.

  • A. Smythe

    So this brave young lady has won the Nobel peace prize and only 5 comments! This is disgraceful!

    I wonder why? Maybe she doesn’t fit our profile of a deserving hero and we only like to celebrate heros who look and sound similar to ourselves!

  • Diogenes

    Some evidence at least, that regardless of specific religious, or parochial imperatives, individuals can form a personal insight regarding the value of education and universal human freedoms.

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