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  • Elijah

    To clarify, Bryan College was not where the Scopes trial took place. It is in the same city (Scopes TN), but was founded after the trial, in honor of William Jennings Bryan who advocated for the creationist side.

  • Elijah

    Whoops. Funnily enough, I made a mistake in my correction. The trial and Bryan College are in Dayton TN. The trial is named after the defendant, Scopes. Incidentally, the book Summer for the Gods by Edward J. Larson is an excellent overview of the trial and subsequent events.

  • Karla

    1 Corinthians 5 the whole chapter needs to be shown to this “preacher” that
    slept with members of his congregation. The Bible says flee from all forms of
    sexual immorality/the sexually immoral all go to hell unless they all Repent!
    The compromise in the church today is shocking. I meet person after person
    that still gets drunk,gambles,gossips,are mean/have sharp tongues,still have
    premartial sex/sleep around. The new thing is people now say somethin mean
    then laugh after like that makes it okay or say that “I was just joking” to try to
    cover it up/not look as bad. Luke 13 says we must bear good fruit and the
    fruit is fruit of Repentance not good works because many believers do tons
    of good works. People forget Jesus said many will say to Me Lord,Lord and
    not enter heaven/you are one of Mine only if you follow Me! We must follow!

  • Larry

    Its telling that academic have to be coerced into written declarations of support for Creationism. Of course one should note that Bryan College has nothing resembling a science department. It is strictly a school for business administration and christian studies. A madrassa/finishing school for the wingnut welfare program.

  • ronald

    “Less than a week after pastor Juan McFarland was ousted … after he admitted that he had sex with female church members while knowing that he had AIDS, he was back at the helm.”

    Christ forgives and so must we. Preach on, Pastor Juan!

  • ronald

    ” His son, who was unable to see him, was motivated by his faith to leave college to visit his father. ”

    A heart warming story! Yes, it is only faith that could motivate such an action. The heartless athiests never visit their parents on the death bed. Only believers do this. Bless us!

  • Karla

    Ronald-Two guys were next to Jesus on the Cross and only one went to heaven!
    Why is that? Only one guy Repented and had a change of heart about his sin. Jesus forgives only if we Repent! Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 whole chapters.
    Bible says to Repent or perish! Repent or perish! We all need to/must Repent!

  • Karla

    Ronald-Two guys were next to Jesus on the Cross and only one went to heaven!
    Why is that? Only one guy Repented/had a change of heart about his sin. The
    Bible says Repent or perish! Jesus only forgives if we Repent! We must Repent!

  • ronald

    That is the same thing I said! We have no reason to assume this pastor has not repented. He is a holy man and he has surely repented, so Jesus forgives him and now his congregation has forgiven him and everything is fine and back to normal.

  • Charles Freeman

    Karla, do you really think that some ancient writing from 55 – 57 CE would have meaning for this man? AIDS wasn’t an issue then, was it? The legends of “Jesus” say nothing about this disease. Any present day meaning only comes from generalized Christian prohibitions against human sexual instinct. If you really have sincere concerns about humanity, help get people like this arrested and put away so that they can’t harm others. Funny little sayings from your Christian holy book don’t cut it!

  • Charles Freeman

    There is a book title that says it all: “God is Dissappointed in You”, by Mark Russell. Unless you only read the Sunday school versions of the bible, you will realize that God’s reaction to humanity is one of anger and retribution due to man’s sinful nature. Of course, HE set it up. First in Eden, and then all over the place, HE provided the settings and human desires, then punished man for doing what comes naturally. Man is guilty only of being his evolved self!

  • Karla

    Charles Freeman-This guy should be charged with a crime and rebuked
    by the church so he can truly Repent. 1 Corinthians 5/whole chapter talks
    about what the church is supposed to do in a situation like this. Many
    today don’t truly Repent/still they are not really convicted of their sin
    cause so many in the church have created a god/idol to suit themselves
    which is called idolatry and no idolater will inherit the kingdom of heaven!
    Cheap Grace is no Grace at all. Real Grace allows us to Repent/turn from
    our sin not still practice sin. Big difference. We all need to/must Repent!

  • Larry

    “Christ forgives and so must we. Preach on, Pastor Juan!”

    Because he was at least having illicit sex with women and not the other kind. Right, Ronald? 🙂

  • It is especially galling to be presented with so many examples of Christian preachers/pastors/ministers/priests, and church members, behaving so contrary to the Christian dogma they purportedly believe. Paul talked against many such misbehaviors in the early days of Christian Church formation, and yet it continues. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the dogma, or with the people.

    In the earliest days following the death of Jesus (if he lived), there were numerous interpretations of his life, of what he said and of what he meant. There have been many discrepancies from the beginning, and still are. The so-called church in Jerusalem run by Jesus’ brother, James, was Jewish, not Christian. The earliest Christians believed many different things, until Catholicism was forced on them after Constantine and the Nicean gathering.
    Obviously, that worked because all Christians now hold the same beliefs. Right?!!

  • The Great God Pan

    Indeed, that is the way Christians think.

    “Ah, but it is the right kind of child rape. … Well, it is men raping girls, which is natural.”
    –Father Simon Lokodo, Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity

  • Rey Blanco

    This won’t make sense to a pluralist. A monist may find patterns. The names in the sonnet are physical geographical locations and persons. It may be a psychological test because not everyone would be old enough or recognize historical actualities. The acrostic pillar represents the three monotheistic faiths. At the corner is the God Head on the Arm of the Pillar. The earth
    is a stage, a holy play. I hope that the objectification of the multiple-unity would be a revelation, as the presentation itself contains latent meaning, irregardless. Thank you.

    1. Amman. So Viet Nam Tung US jawg ME
    2. Seoul Grace Gem Gharb. Rome Sha King Fromm Iran?
    3. Kadhafy Yasir Arafat Watt Sea.
    4. Amin Pal’stein Cambods Speakes Waite Istan-
    5. Bul IQraqow Pole Boot Argentina
    6. Anchorage Love Stars Wen Sharon Castro…
    7. Lib’s. Reagan Carter Ford Nixon China.
    8. Leban Grenad Marx Skinner Freud Trudeau
    9. Aye’toll KHowmean Beirut. Hearth Goldah Tyre.
    10. WHoscene AnWarSawdat OaRWELL OarWhAle.
    11. Andropov Stalin Khrushchev; HUNGaRY. Ire.
    12. Mount CalLvary Menachem Begin Isreal.
    13. Armygeddon Skull Hill? Belfast Eye Eve.
    14. De Gaulle Damaskus Yemen Tel Aviv …

    Everest Star Beth Babe Stable Pole Cross Stake

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  • Well, this propaganda will create lots of papists again.
    Fooling the people, investing in press coverage for crusader lies for a 1000 years now. Even more propaganda was spread amongst the Kurds, who promote Nelson Mandela Socialism. I hope Kurds will come to realize, that they must distance themselves from such propaganda, Nelson Mandela would lie in order to make it harder for you to get support.

    Europe, the agenda is: Either you become Islam, or you become Catholic, and go to church every week again, or the Mosk.

    Strange that people become more and more stupid every century, because intellectuals that warn them have to be killed.. Murdering in the universities on orders of the infiltrated spies, and through secret agreements using puppets.

    Russia, your country does nothing, because your brave people are under siege again since Lenin would welcome the expelled Jesuits again in 1917!