• David

    We all know which side you are on.

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  • tz

    David is quite the peace maker.

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  • Todd Michaels

    What Catholic conservatives need is to fjgure out that this Church isnt Catholic and and neither heretics nor.apostates cant.be .popes..if they havent.already. Hopefully this classic modernist weasel speak will.wake.some up.

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  • What Catholics in general need is pastors who understand their vocation as one to teach, sanctify, and govern; and who teach what the Church teaches, promote piety through dignified liturgy, and deal reliably with misbehavior in the ranks.

    Somewhere between 15% of the time and about a third the time, parishioners receive this. They used to receive it from the Holy See to the extent the Holy See could offer it. Now they get Pope Goofball and his sloppy press interviews, cold calls to random individuals, wretched episcopal appointments, abuse of traditional orders, indulgence of senile clergy who promote sodomy, and now his clown car synod. The Church has not been this execrably led since sometime before Trent.

  • Americans want to know why the church is dying… The media has not satisfied the question yet! Let’s publish.
    Gotquestions.org says it’s because few young adults believe in Satan or that Christianity is the only true religion. Why don’t they believe?
    The primary reason for the exodus is sociological. Most young adults go to school, work, and live with diverse friends now. But the church, as always, insists that their religions are an abomination.
    This long standing precept of the church has struck a cultural nerve with most young adults. With Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and middle easterners all around them, they’re quitting church because this policy is divisive and offensive to their new friends. So Americans are searching for, and finding non-discriminatory spirituality outside the church. This micro phenomenon is becoming macro, and could be the undoing of the world’s largest religion.
    Let’s talk about this and other contributing factors.
    Truly, Brad O’Donnell, Richmond, Va. Video: