• Larry M

    What a wonderful and powerful insight! I agree with you completely. The gospel always turns everything upside down sooner or later. The church is neither the self-righteous priest or Levite nor the good Samaritan helper but rather the wounded on the side of the road! They (we) are the ones in need of a Saviour.

  • samuel Johnston

    Or it could be that you guys are going the way Mithras, Mazda, Serapis, etc. al.
    Or perhaps “faith” is not the way. Perhaps critical judgment and study is more productive.

  • bwilson


    I see you post often on RNS, although you are clearly a skeptic of some sort, so why you persist in your Quixotic duties is a bit beyond my ken. Either way, your comment has me wondering why “faith” and “critical judgment and study” can’t be in relationship or in dialogue. You posit them, rather, as antinomies. Have you never met a believer (of any religious flavor) who was also dedicated to critical judgment and study? Perhaps they are a rare species in your neighborhood.