German Catholics petition Schleswig-Holstein state to reinstate God in constitution

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Last week, Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein state parliament voted with a two-third’s majority to exclude mentions of God in the new constitution, becoming the seventh state in Germany (out of 16) to do so. Photo by Johannes Utzolino, courtesy of the government of Schleswig-Holstein

Last week, Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein state parliament voted with a two-third’s majority to exclude mentions of God in the new constitution, becoming the seventh state in Germany (out of 16) to do so. Photo by Johannes Utzolino, courtesy of the government of Schleswig-Holstein

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BERLIN (RNS) The Schleswig-Holstein parliament voted with a two-thirds majority to exclude mention of God from the new constitution, becoming the seventh of 16 German states to do so.

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  • Brien

    Roman Catholic leaders wonder whether Germany is a “godless society”.
    They say this as though it were a bad thing!?!

  • Sabine

    Being “godless” is a big compliment as far as I’m concerned…:-) Needless to say, I’m one of the “godless” Germans…..

  • gilhcan

    Everyone with solid reasoning and an understanding of the historic destruction of civiil society every time religion–or “God”–is included in government, knows there is unavoidable trouble, if not warfare from the mixture.

    Let’s hope German legislators have the wisdom of the Framers of our Constitution to recognize the human right to freedom of religion, which means a separation of church and state. And freedom of religion also protects the human right to be free from all religion.

    Our Framers were hardly consistent. They constitutionalized slavery, the counting of slaves as 3/5ths of a person so their “owners” could have more political power, and they refused women the human right in a genuine democracy to vote. Other corrections were needed over time. Let us hope the Germans today learn from our old experience–even though we have often abandoned that democratic wisdom ourselves.

  • Larry

    Well the German Catholic Church lost a bit of credibility with “Gott Mitt Uns” and creating the escape routes for Nazi war criminals, using Vatican resources.

    The people who oppose separation of church and state also oppose free exercise of religion.

  • rob

    just inserting the word god,, so many gods now days the atheists god of” ones self “could also be reflected in just using the generic word god..

    NOW IF THE INSERTED the words the only true God the Christians God ..

    now then we Lutherans could agree with the Catholics ..if they SHOULD USE THE TERMS THE ONLY TRUE GOD THE CHRISTIAN’S GOD

  • rob

    SEPERATION of church and state means far different things to Christians than it does to atheists .. .. the problem is the minority of atheists want to lay down the ground rules for the majority and we Christians by our larger voting majority’s in the USA should not let them or any one else tell us.. what the ground rules for separation between church and state are..

  • Larry

    Right. Because Christians don’t understand what the concept of separation of church and state means, but everyone else does.

    “Christians by our larger voting majority’s in the USA ”

    Might makes right is a terrible way to claim moral high ground rob. All you are saying is that Christians are insensitive bullies who don’t give a flying crap about anyone else. We already know this. 🙂

  • Fran


    I understand what separation of Church and state means, since I have never voted. Instead, I proclaim that God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) is the BEST form of rulership we humans will ever receive and it will be fair to all!!

    Yet others who claim to be Christian give their support and trust to human governments…go figure!!!


    Green Party > *

  • Separation of Church and State is just wrong.

    For one thing, if you believe in justice, if you believe in the definition of the word, then you must believe that we owe a tip of the hat to a creator, since the work on the human genome project has settled it that the human genome has about as much actual statistical chance to have evolved as a cell phone. We were created, it’s mathematically impossible that we ‘evolved.’ (Signature in the Cell, Meyers)

    But there’s a second thing that even atheists will appreciate: coherence is necessary for human beings to perform the very very difficult behavior called obedience. No matter how we love to romanticize ‘freedom,’ every person who lives among others knows we have to have this virtue or we perish. And obedience to a difficult standard (like, for example, truthfulness in the face of pressure) requires that the standard be taught in the home, in the school, in the church, in the movies, in the court, and in the street, throughout the society. Having competing messages makes compliance unlikely. That is what we are seeing now. Rape, for example, has become so commonplace that it is being quietly decriminalized and enforcement responsibility passed off to non-legal bodies like universities.

    If you understand that we all have to be on the same page regarding certain behaviors (where to defecate, how late you can have your radio blaring, whether or not it’s okay to kill somebody when you’re really really angry), then you have to say, what page will that be? And I would put the moral standard of Catholicism, the one taught by Christ, not the deformed protestant one, as the gold standard. Christ’s morality is superior to all others. It produces the most sustainable societies, vigorous markets, and intellectual pursuits. It was and could be again free of the built-in stresses of both capitalism and socialism. The universities of the middle ages had a higher number of students, proportionate to the population, than today, than ever! Christendom took the slave society of Rome and over fifteen hundred years passed from slavery through serfdom and emerged with every single person in Europe owning his own land, able to make his own living, and fully enfranchised. It was, it is, remarkable, and we want it back. Why not? What we have, what we switched to, is not working!

    Now, let it be a horse-race. Every Catholic should become an evangelist for a Catholic state. All the world knows, where you have a majority, you have a right to whatever society you choose. That’s as old as time, and no matter how homosexuals and rapists and thieves and bad politicians resist it, true democracy will give us a religious society, or we will perish in our sin and confusion. Our birth rate alone (part of our morality, or lack of one) is killing our economy.

    And having a formal state religion does not mean intolerance, by the way, it never did in Europe until protestantism and capitalism attacked. There are Muslims in Europe who publically ask the Catholic Church to wake the hell up and resume Her leadership of the struggle for all justice, beginning with honor to God but never stopping until social justice is also achieved, without the disruptions of class warfare.

  • Alfred Delpi

    that is a lie.
    Nazi regime was inspired by atheist ideology of XX century.
    Catholics were executed and persecuted in nazi Germany.
    Quit your lies and learn history.