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  • The Catholic Church’s right wing is furiously pushing back against the synod. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/earthquake-vatican-synod-mid-term-report-suggest-emphasizing-positive-aspec

  • Doc Anthony

    Two Notes:

    (1) Don’t trust the Washington Post for anything. They went to pot after their big Watergate triumph. I still remember when they had to give back that Pulitzer Prize after THEY got caught in a false story.

    (2) The Cross of Christ, superimposed on the Gay Marriage Cult flag? Seriously?

    No wonder American Christianity — and America itself — is on the ropes.

  • Karla

    Gay marriage and abortion are wrong but why don’t people talk about other
    sins? 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists swindlers,thieves,slanderers/liars,gossips,
    the sexually immoral,drunkards,idolaters,coveters/the greedy right along
    with the homosexuals as people who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven!
    All sin is bad/needs to be confronted! People have premarital sex then get
    married thinking that they covered it up but never Repent/agree that having
    premarital sex is wrong! All sin is bad/we all must Repent! We must Repent!
    Being mean/sharp tongues,gambling,pride,taking the Lords name in vain,
    jealousy,getting drunk all are wrong! Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk and also 1 Corinthians 6:10 says that all drunkards go to hell. The wine
    that Jesus made was diluted plus the Bible says don’t get drunk on/with
    strong wine and don’t get drunk on wine for it’s debauchery so people who
    get drunk with/on strong wine also are wrong! We all need to/must Repent!

  • The Great God Pan

    All these stories about the Catholics, and somehow this one didn’t make the cut:

    In Kenya, the Catholic Church is launching a campaign to scare people away from tetanus vaccinations. The Church is claiming that the vaccinations are part of a conspiracy to secretly sterilize the nation’s women.


    How benevolent! How charitable! Say what you will about the Catholic Church, but you must truly admire their consistent dedication to helping the poor. Helping them die of tetanus, that is.

  • Larry M

    It is not surprising at all that many of the protesters are motivated by their Christian faith since the freedom of humanity is rooted in the very freedom of God.what is tragic is that too many people are willing to forsake their freedom for convenience. It was the same in the sixties here in America.

    It’s not convenient to have protesters everywhere. It’s not convenient for business and it’s not convenient for traffic. It’s not convenient for the government and it is not convenient for individuals. I root for all those that are fighting for freedom in Hong Kong and I pray for them most every day.