Endangered Sistine Chapel to be opened for outside fundraisers

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Visitors view the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Photo courtesy of Vatican Museums

Visitors view the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Photo courtesy of Vatican Museums

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) “The Sistine Chapel can never be rented because it is not a commercial place,” said the managing director of the Vatican Museums, Monsignor Paolo Nicolini.

  • samuel Johnston

    “The Sistine Chapel can never be rented because it is not a commercial place,
    ….Monsignor Paolo Nicolini, rejected suggestions the the chapel was available for rent.”
    I visited the Sistine Chapel last week. We tourists were told to be respectful, because it was a “holy place”. The visit to the “holy place” cost 17 Euro per head, and the line went around the block! I noticed that the large interior garden area had been paved over with asphalt to accommodate the automobiles of the staff of the “holy place”. At least the tour included the museum, which contained some wonderful Etruscan metalwork.
    If the “holy place” gets to be too much of a burden for the Church, I am certain that it can be sold to a commercial enterprise for a profit.

  • Fran

    Talk about the Church making $$$ to pay off those persons who have been abused by their priests for years instead of paying any charities!!!

    They must be running out of $$$ to pay off those claims. The peons who contribute every Sunday for Christmas and Easter just don’t come close.

  • Nicolini has been taking financial double-talk lessons from politicians. Oh right, he is a politician.

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  • Brasidas

    So even on websites, when you show contradictions where they deny access to a faith, based off a sin to one group and not others, is then deleted.
    Wow, talk religious sensitivities and censorship.
    I will sum up again, Jesus allowed for anyone to join his belief.
    He did to forgive all sins.
    All means everyone including homosexuals.
    If a sin is a view point to deny access to the Catholic Church, then there would be very few Catholics, so by the same principle that is applied to forging any sin, bar the blasphemy of the HS, then there is no reason to deny unmarried couples and homosexuals, especially when many Catholics continue to commit sins all the time, to where sins as bad as murder.and rape are forgiven

    If you delete this comment of which I have copied first, I shall have my friend at Huffington Post publish the behavior going on by the site administrators here, where they are trying to deny anyone a voice which conflicts with their views.

    Screen shot taken

  • Comment Moderator

    What deletion are you referring to, Brasidas?

  • This is great! The sistine chapel is part of history and must be preserved. I’m glad they are doing this.

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