Pope Paul VI is almost a saint: Here are 4 of his biggest legacies

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Pope Paul VI, date unknown. Religion News Service file photo

Pope Paul VI, date unknown. Religion News Service file photo

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(RNS) Pope Francis has beatified his controversial predecessor, Paul VI, whom he hails for groundbreaking reforms that are often overlooked. But can Francis succeed where Paul fell short?

  • Fran

    Pope Paul VI is still asleep in death…nothing new there (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10). Only Almighty God can be called the Most Holy (Exodus 26:33) and his son, Jesus, was also holy, in imitation of his Father; however, he is not equal to his Father (Psalm 83:18).

  • Grant Armstrong

    Pope Francis is teh greatest vandal the Holy Roman Catholic Church has ever had the misfortune to have as a leader. What Francis is really saying is that the Holy Ghost; the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity made a mistake when He inspired the Council of Trent and spoke through Pope Saint Pius V. The smoke of satan has certainly entered the Vatican.

  • Jane

    Let us not forget that Pope Paul VI also left us with his great encyclical, ‘Populorum Progressio,’ which I doubt conservatives were fond of either.

  • Truth be told

    Lets not forget this guy sold cyanide used int eh holocust to kill jews

  • Paul Gerard

    Totally agree Grant Armstrong…. this cardinal, I don’t consider his election valid in light of his heresy and scandal, is driving the church into a future split. He is a disaster, promoting opinions that are not Catholic and his mantra on “mercy” is failing to mention confession and repentance.

    Well the first step of Mercy, Jorge, is repentance. Telling a gay or an adultery that their O.K is not mercy, it is leading them to damnation because they continue to violate the natural law and live in mortal sin… sinning against God and thus THEY CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED NOT THE CHURCH AND ITS SACRAMENTAL LIFE until they repent.

  • gilhcan

    Again, it would be better if the church discontinued the whole business of canonization and the steps that lead to it. Miracles are a terrible leftover from mythology. Not yet knowing means not yet knowing. There are not yet answers. Leave it at that and quit surmising “miracles.”

  • Colin

    I will not repent for The person God made me
    a good Gay catholic
    Paul you should be ashamed of your comments
    you are the type of person that drives folk away from the church
    hatred has no place in this society
    grow up and accept everyone as the lord would

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  • Jim

    Such negativity. Why are conservatives always so angry and mean to those who do not accept their beliefs. In religion (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) and politics (any country’s politics) conservatives are mired in anger, polemics, forcing their morality on others in order to “protect” the truth that they believe in (because they know that it has to be true!). Can’t they just be loving (…but we are being truly loving by “saving” you from your “liberal” point of view) and open while maintaining their view of the truth. Truth Himself is in control of the cosmos and He will bring everything to its fulfillment in the end–through love and mercy without an excuse for meanness or anger.

  • Bp. Hubbard’s tenure in Albany has been a stupefying mess of a severity unusual even in this wretched age for the American Church.

    I suppose it’s conceivable that some of Paul’s diplomatic work might be indicative of ‘heroic virtue’, but his pontificate was the most thoroughgoing disaster for the Church in the post-Westphalian age (though Francis is working to make his mark in that sweepstakes). He was not the origin of the entropy, but he made matters worse than they otherwise would be by the institution of the Novus Ordo (and effective suppression of the old rite) conjoined to abdicating what disciplinary role the Holy See is able to exercise (in was left to his successor to strip Schillebeeckx and Kung of their status as Catholic theologians) and to undermining the efforts of other bishops to do so (Cdl. O’Boyle in Washington). There really is scarcely one good thing to be said about it. It seems as if the Holy See and diocesan bishops have elected to look at the ruins around them and just pretend there’s still an edifice there.

  • Why are conservatives always so angry and mean

    It seems that way to you, because you cannot handle disputation and critiques of your worldview. A few more trips off campus might help you.

  • Let’s not forget than many leftists fancy they live in a parallel universe where they get to make up history to suit their hates.

  • You should be ashamed of cruddy little displays of narcissism, but you won’t be.

  • John Espinosa

    Catholics need to realize that the so-called “Great Apostasy” alluded to in 2 Thes. 2:1-3 has already come years ago and continues today just as the bible says. What Pope Francis said and believes – that God is not divine and is not a magician who can simply wave a wand and do everything, is proof of this. Pope Francis IS a heretic and not a true Catholic and its time Catholics who have refused to attend the heretical Novus Ordo Mass and opted to attend the Tridentine Mass by the SSPX founded by French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, take this opportunity to evangelize in the original one-true Catholic Church of which only a relatively small but growing remnant remains. Pope Paul VI, who was responsible for creating the Novus Ordo and eliminating many of the original rites of ordination of new priests including that of ‘exorcist’ was right when he said, “The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church”. Vaticancatholic.com gives complete informative on this. So don’t despair, as Anne Catherine Emmerich prophesied in the 19th century, “The Church will be rebuilt more glorious than ever”.

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